Recruiting English as a Second Language Students for Free

Like, also has a free listing for schools to list their English as a Second Language programs and for students to search and find schools that offer it. has the largest database of schools, over 1000 strong. It is the premiere destination for students that want to study English as a Second Language anywhere in the world. ESL Directory is an effective way to market your school to over 110,000 students that are specifically looking for ESL programs each year. With 1000 other programs listed, why aren’t you? Make sure you are listed so you are part of the student’s decision in where to go to learn English.

This is another free resource for you to list your school and receive free student leads. Where else can you get more bang for your marketing bucks than with a free lead source? Follow the directions below and take a few minutes to register your school. Don’t be an afterthought. Here is how to list your school.

Step 1: Click on the link below:

Step 2: Enter your email address and a password that you will remember (we will send the free leads to your email address)

Step 3: Fill out the school information

Step 4: Fill out your contact information

Step 5: Use the extra marketing money to order your new business cards. You’re getting a promotion!

Looking for more prominent exposure for your school or help with your online marketing strategy? Fill out our contact form by clicking on the link below and someone from our online marketing department will contact you directly.


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