Facebook Best Practices

We talked about the importance of using social media and in particular, Facebook as a recruiting tool.  It is a way to reach both potential new students as well as engage with current ones.  As you continue to develop your social media and Facebook strategy and plan, here are a couple of best practices to keep in mind.

  • Be Consistent – It is very important to be consistent in your postings.  When thinking about your plan, figure out how many times you are going to post per day, week, month, etc.  Make sure that you are communicating frequently enough to engage your audience and just as important, not too much to be downright annoying.  You want to keep the people that “like” you and not run them off by over saturation.
  • Provide Relevant Content – Content is King.  Remember this and it will help you grow your fans and followers.  If you have relevant and interesting content that you are sending out to your fans and followers, then they will be engaged with your Facebook page.  A good way to provide relevant content is to use the pages for information on upcoming event, campus closures, etc.  If you do this, they are more likely to share it with their friends.  This is the easiest way to grow your fans as the average number of friends that each Facebook member has is 130.
  • Get the Word out – Promote the fact that you have a Facebook page.  I was recently in the International Center at the University Of North Florida.  Right there amongst all the magazines was a flyer promoting their internationally focused Facebook page.  So, get the word out.  Let your students know about your Facebook presence.  Make sure it is prominently displayed on your international student focused website and included in your newsletters both electronic and hard copy versions.
  • Use of Media – Use the available media that Facebook allows.  Post pictures of the events you promoted earlier on the page.  Link to the videos of the student reception you hosted from your YouTube channel (You do have a YouTube channel right?).  This will make your page more engaging and help you in your quest to provide point number two, relevant content.

These are just a few recommended best practices.  What are some of the best practices that you would recommend?

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One Response to Facebook Best Practices

  1. Tamra Weimer says:

    I agree as an educator in 2011 we need to be open to social media in the class room. This past year I polled the class and was surprised to find their are still students who do not have a facebook account. Has anyone required students to get a facebook account? How does everyone use facebook in their class? Informational, assignments or both? Thanks for your feedback. Tamra

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