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On April 19th of this year, Envisage International officially launched the new free School Search on our flagship site It is a free search tool for students that want to study in the US and for schools that want to recruit them. You can learn more by visiting the blog post here.

In the last 30 days, has delivered well over 100 free student leads to schools that are listed on the site. This is a great service to our students that are searching the database and provide their contact information to the school they are interested in. The school then has the opportunity to follow up directly with the student.  Each time a prospective student expresses interest in your school, you receive an email with their full name, email, phone number, nationality, when they wish to begin their studies, what they are interested in studying, English proficiency scores and more.

Below are some examples of the leads that were sent directly to the schools:

  • Sofiya from Russia expressed interest in Golden Gate University in San Francisco
  • Aderemi from the UK reached out to Essex County College
  • Kumar from India is interested in studying at The University of Texas in Arlington
  • Teewon from Australia wants to study at Rosemont College
  • Yana from Belarus contacted Princeton
  • Nicola from Denmark reached out to Capitol Community College

We are getting some very positive feed back from both our the schools that have claimed their listing and are benefiting from the free lead generating service on as well as from the students using the School Search Tool to connect with the schools recruiting and admissions.

If you have not claimed your free listing, make sure you do so. Why not, it’s a free resource. Click here for the instructions from our previous blog post.  Have you claimed your free listing?



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