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I blogged a few weeks ago about our free School Search tool on  The School Search is for those students that know what school they are looking for, where they would like to study and most of the time what they would like to study.  It is for those that have done some research and are ready to contact specific schools to get the admissions process moving forward.

What about the students that are not sure where they want to study?  Maybe they don’t know much about US schools or don’t have the time to search through the School Search database.  That is why we offer our Concierge Service on (and on our UK and Australia focused sites as well).  Students now have the opportunity to give us information about them and ask us to match them with the appropriate schools.  What information do the students provide us when using the Concierge Service?  The provide their full name and contact information, nationality, gender, birth date, income, when they plan to begin their studies, what they plan on studying, their highest degree obtained and we collect information on their English proficiency exam.  Once we have this wealth of information about the international student, then we can better match them with the appropriate school that will be a good fit for their goals.

The students that use the Concierge Service come from all over the globe and want to study a variety of subjects.  Here are a few examples from students that used the Service this week:

  • A High School Sr. from India that want us to match him with a four year university to become a Scientist.
  • Another High School Sr. from Egypt looking to study business at a four year university.
  • A student from Ireland that just completed her Bachelor’s degree and is looking to get her MBA.
  • A student from Bulgaria that just received his AA degree and is looking for a culinary school
  • A Vietnamese student that just finished her bachelors looking to study law
  • A Venezuelan high school student that wants to study English as a second language.

This is just a small sampling of the students that our using our Concierge Service to get help finding a college or university that will help them meet their goals.  Could your school be a good fit for any of the students that are looking to study in the US, UK or Australia?


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