Envisage iPhone Apps all iOS 5 Compatible

With the announcement yesterday of the iPhone 4S, Apple also quickly rolled out the GM seed of iOS 5 (for those non-technical, this is basically the latest iteration of the iOS software before it goes live to the public in just over a week). When a GM is rolled out by Apple, this is the most stable version of the software and apart from maybe minor tweaks to the software, it will be the same version that is released to the general public.

With the launch of the GM, we have been busy testing our three iPhone apps and we are happy to announce all three of our application are compatible with iOS 5 without any need for modification or changes. This is excellent news for our customers, as they will not need to wait for any updates and when moving to iOS 5 you will still be able to enjoy our apps without any interruption!

Our current iPhone app lineup includes:

  • Study in the USA iPhone App – designed for international students from all around the world, this free iPhone app helps students navigate their way through information and learn all about how they can study in the USA!
  • InternationalStudentInsurance.com Student Zone App – designed for our customers, our iPhone app allows you to manage your account on the go wherever you are in the world!
  • Work and Travel Insurance Student Zone App – for all our work and travel clients, downloading the iPhone app is like your personal assistance on how to use your insurance plan, where to seek treatment and much more!
All our apps our free and available from the iTunes store.
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