International Student Loan Launches a New Loan Comparison Tool

The rising cost of higher education means that more international students are financing some or all of their education through student loans. Traditionally, however, because eligibility requirements are often vague and the application process arduous, many international students have difficulty finding lenders that will meet their needs. Fortunately, International Student Loan’s new loan comparison tool works to help simplify this process.

Long known as the industry leader providing access to international student loans, foreign-enrolled loans and study abroad loans for international students, ISTL’s loan comparison tool builds on this expertise in an effort to elevate its commitment to customer care. Developed with the needs of international students in mind, the new loan comparison tool is designed to help students quickly and easily find the right loan. Instead of wading through pages of applications, applicants can get results by answering just a few simple questions. After students choose their school, citizenship, and their co-signer status, students will be matched with eligible lenders. Once students have compared and chosen the loan that meets their needs, they can proceed to the application and apply for the loan directly.

The new loan comparison tool is part of International Student Loan’s continuing efforts to make students’ study abroad experience easier. Study abroad, international and foreign enrolled students will find that financing their education has never been simpler. If you have any questions about this program or how you can make it available to your students please feel free to contact Jennifer Frankel at International Student Loan today. You can also read more about our loan comparison tool on the recently distributed Press Release.

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