Five Questions to Ask your Lead Generation Provider

Purchasing international student leads can be a great addition to your current recruiting strategy.  It is very cost effective, since you determine your budget and your budget will then determine the number of leads that you are willing and able to receive on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis.  The questions you need to ask yourself are:  What budget do you have to work with?  Secondly, how many leads can you realistically handle?  To answer this you need to keep in mind either you, or your staff, will have the responsibility of moving them from a lead to enrollment?

While there are many other questions to ask, here are five main questions that you should ask your current or prospective lead provider:

  1. How often are the leads delivered?  Can they be delivered in real-time?
  2. Are the leads exclusive and if not, how many other schools receive the same student lead?
  3. Can you target to specific regions, countries, nationalities?  What about specific programs offered or specialized majors?
  4. How do you generate leads?  Do you pay for traffic or get them from a third party source?
  5. How do you deliver the leads?  Via Email, Spreadsheet or fed via API?

While this is a small list of questions, it should allow you to gather enough information to know whether your current (or prospective) lead provider is supplying you with the best available leads.  What questions do you ask when you are evaluating a lead provider?



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  1. Nice insight. Experience of the lead provider in the particular sector is very important. Over time, this helps to prove the methodology and work out the most relevant mechanism to benefit the advertisers toward having higher conversion rate. And technology behind the leads generation always needs less intermediaries in between and must tend to create fast and far standing gains.


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