Taking International Student Lead Generation a Step Further – To the Completed Application

Living and breathing in the online student marketing, recruiting and lead generation world for international education, we have the opportunity to talk with hundreds of international educators from across the globe.  Depending upon the institution, some have an international student recruiting plan, while others don’t particularly feel they need one.  Some only deal with agents, while others refuse to.  Some only send staff overseas to attend student fairs from Asia to the Middle East to South America. Others have an in depth online strategy that avoids travel cost.  Some have embraced international student lead generation as an effective way to reach out to and directly contact students that have expressed interest in their particular school or their programs.

Let’s explore the schools that have expressed interest in student lead generation.  There are some that are set up very sophisticated and have the ability to consume hundreds if not thousands of student inquiries or leads each month.  They have the budget, staff and systems and procedures in place to deal with them and give them the attention they need.  After all, there is nothing worse than letting a hot lead go cold.

Then there are others, that due to budget, staffing bandwidth, lack of systems and procedures, can consume fifty, maybe one to two hundred inquiries or leads in a month.  This was the case with our work-study partner HTIR.

HTIR based out of Oregon, partners with schools and implements work-study, or Curricular Practical Training (CPT) programs at schools.  By partnering with HTIR, they will set up a work-study program at your school, where students have the ability to come to the US for school and work from the moment they receive their social security number, literally days after arrival.  This gives their partner schools a recruiting edge, by providing students with a way to get their US education, all while working and earning US wages to pay for it.

HTIR is not staffed up to receive and work hundreds or thousands of leads each month.  So, we have worked with HTIR and their partner schools to allow students not only to inquire into their work-study programs, but to apply directly from InternationalStudent.com.  This expands their reach to over four million international students and increases the enrollment at each of their partner schools.  It also cuts down on the amount of work, since HTIR is receiving completed applications from each interested student.  This takes the lead a step further from student inquiry to completed application and drastically increasing the conversion from lead to enrollment.

You can take a look at HTIR’s application on InternationalStudent.com by clicking here.

Have you found that your school has the bandwidth, procedures and systems in place to effectively take a lead to application?

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