Remarketing or Retargeting through Effective Email Campaigns

Quality leads is what we are all after.  Whether you are a lead provider or a lead consumer, we all want to deal with high quality leads.  This in turn makes the buyer happy, since the conversion rates are obviously higher and the seller happy because they can justify a higher cost-per-lead.

So, how can you turn more of a generic lead into a higher quality lead that is a match for a particular consumer or customer after they have left your site?  One way is through targeted email campaigns.

We deal in the international education space.  We have students that come to one or more of our sites and somewhere along the way, provide us with personal information such as contact info, where they are from, what they are interested in studying, when they want to begin studying and other pertinent information.  Our job is to match that student with the appropriate school that fits their needs as well as the school’s needs.  In other words, we play match maker between international students and colleges and universities.

We now have the student’s information.  We know they want to study a certain subject and when they want to begin studying.  Based on that information, we have the ability to reach back out to a student via an email.  We do that with what we call email series.  These “series” are all content based and provide information to the student about the subject they indicated they were initially interested in.  The content in the series will be short and to the point and direct the student to the appropriate section we have on our website that is much more detailed.

Here is an example.  We have a student that comes to one of our sites and indicates an interest in going to film school, then leaves our site.  The next day, she will receive an email about different career opportunities in the film industry.  The email is short, to the point and features our film school partner.  In the email, we will have a link back to the content section that deals with studying film and career options.

Now we have the student back on our site and have put a film school in front of them in the email as well as on our site and in turn given them some great information.  If she is interested, she has ability to contact that film school directly via our site and therefore converting into a qualified lead.  If not, and she leaves the site again, a week later, the process starts over with the second email in the series.

Do you have success generating leads with content based email series?

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