21st December 2012 – Envisage Pick of the Week

pick-of-the-weekAs we close out 2012, there are a lot of revamps and changes happening here at Envisage as we prepare for 2013. Not only do we have a fantastic new website, a site that really now speaks about what we do and who we are, we also have some great new initiatives to really pool our collective resources to be a real asset for those in the international education world.

As part of this, each Friday we will be posting our “Envisage 3” which is our top 3 highlights of some of the main events from the world of international education in relation to general news, but also with a slant towards our main business lines; online marketing and lead generation, international health and travel insurance and international financial aid. Intertwined with our weekly summary, we will also be posting some excellent resource articles so please feel free to share our information through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.

IIE Top Twitter Picks of 2012 – Did you make the list?
The institute of international education posted their top twitter picks of 2012, with an excellent list of some of the top people to follow in the industry. A few of our top picks from this list are @AllianceExchnge, @DavidComp and @ThePIENews who are excellent resources in the international education world and certainly worth a follow. Maybe in 2012 we will see @envisageintl appear on the list?

UK Announces Tougher Restrictions on International Students
The tail end of last week, Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, announced tougher restrictions for international students looking to study in the UK. As part of a continued crack down from a pilot program setup last year, where “high risk” applicants were interviewed in person rather than relying on paper-based checks, the program is now going to be extended to over 100,000

How International Students Can Reduce Personal Expenses in College
Throughout the course of 2012, US News has been running a series of articles for international students that are an excellent resource and worth sharing with your students. This current article helps students with some useful tips and advice on how they can lower their costs and save as much as possible for their education. Earlier in the year they also ran an excellent article covering international scholarships sources. Hopefully they will continue this trend in 2013 and provide even more content and resources for international students and the industry as a whole.

Due to the holiday season, our next pick of the week will be the first week of January 2013 – till then!

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