4th January 2013 – Envisage Pick of the Week


In the international education world, 2013 expects to hold of lot of change around the world – whether is it new regulations, governments trying to clamp down on fraudulent students and schools or generally the world economies impacting global movement. With that all said, there is still going to be a continued drive by students to want to study abroad, and the USA will still be the number 1 destination, with the changes in current and proposed legislation in the UK, Canada, Australia – we think this will be even more so that case in 2013.

Apart from our thoughts on the global movement trends, we are kicking off 2013’s pick of the week with some predictions from the Chronicle:

Looking Ahead – 5 International Trends for 2013

The Chronicle writers, Jason Lane and Kevin Kinser, lay out their predictions for international branch campuses in 2013. A growing trend in 2012, whereby Universities partner and open up campuses abroad, they gaze into their crystal ball to predict the changes that will occur over the next 12 months. It will be interesting to view this in 12 months to see how accurate they are.

Changes would strengthen Canada’s International Student Program

At the tail end of 2012, the Canadian government announced changes to their international student program that they say is designed to prevent fraud and better protect international students from around the world. At the heart of the regulations are changes to limit study permits to students attending institutions designated by provinces or territories, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) would work closely with those provinces and territories to develop a framework to designate permits to schools to admit international students. One other very interesting side note from these changes is that they are proposing that international students can work part time, off-campus without the need for a separate work permit – designed to enhance Canada’s appeal to international students.

New Year’s Resolution Checklist for the Social Media Manager

Away from international education, but very firmly in the arena of recruitment and enhancing your exposure to students around the world, there is an excellent blog post from SlingshotSEO that outlines some very useful tips that you should be doing with your social media, but might not be doing yet! The tips all center around little tweaks to sharing buttons, analytics, your online profiles that you may have overlooked and with a little time, these can all be achieved very easily – one step in boosting your exposure and reach online!

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