11th January 2013 – Envisage Pick of the Week


As we close out another week in international education, there is still a lot of chatter about the potential impact of changes to the regulations for international students in the UK.  But this week, our top picks concern tuition for international students in Finland, an interesting article from Allen Goodman of IIE, and something that all international educators are trying to harness – how to effectively generate and convert leads.

International Students Under Threat in Finland

Back in 2008, we reported on the changes that were being proposed in Sweden to charge international students tuition to study at Swedish universities. At that time, there were only two countries, Sweden and Finland, that did not charge tuition for international students to study in their higher education system. In August 2011, Sweden implemented legislation that required international students from outside of the EU to pay tuition fees and as a result, Sweden saw their international students numbers drop by a third – with most of the reduction due to less students from China. Finland has so far resisted the urge to implement such legislation – and so far remains the last EU country that does not charge tuition to international students. Over the holidays, a majority of the Finnish parliament signed an initiative calling for the introduction of tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students. The move has been criticize on many fronts, but it would bring Finland in line with other EU countries.

5 Countries American Universities Should Watch in 2013

Allan Goodman, President and CEO of the Institute of International Education, authored an excellent article on the top five countries that US schools should look to for increasing international student enrollments over the next year. There are some countries that you would expect, such as Brazil, however some may surprise you – increased international student enrollments from Syria?  The article is definitely worth a read to get the benefit of Dr. Goodman’s insight.

Generating and Converting Leads with Google Analytics

Managing your lead process from initial touch to enrollment is a complicated process, and we do our best to provide as much support and advice on this subject as possible (like this blog post).   But there are others with valuable thoughts on the online recruitment process, and this excellent overview by the ICEF Monitor walks through some of the steps and items for consideration for those looking to increase conversions. When the process gets too complex or you can’t get enough leads yourself, that’s where we come in so that we can leverage our network an expertise for you.

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