Envisage Key Initiatives for 2013

Envisage20102012 was a productive year for our online marketing and lead generation business, as chronicled in our year in review post. Now that it is behind us, let’s look at some of the Envisage key initiatives for 2013 that will solidify our role as a leading online marketing company for international education:

Rebranding – We have a robust network of international education websites offering information, resources, products and services all directed towards international students, and students have valued our sites for year. However, we haven’t always tied those sites together as a network as well as we could. This year, we will roll out Envisage International as the umbrella brand across all of our sites, helping to make each site more recognizable as part of the Envisage network, and therefore provide easier access to all resources regardless of which site they are on.

School Search Relaunch – Our school search database is unique in that it is a comprehensive listing of all universities and colleges in the United States that accept international students, without listing any schools that do not. In 2013, we will dramatically improve the functionality of the school search, allowing search and matching by major and other data points, tying in our subject-matter based study centers, and more quickly getting users to the pages and the schools that they want.

Site Redesigns – The overall traffic to our network of sites has steadily grown 30-40% year over year for the last few years. So why rest on our laurels now? In 2013, we will redesign and relaunch two of our flagship sites: InternationalStudent.com and ESLdirectory.com. The goal of the redesigns will be to better incorporate the new and improved school search, improve overall navigation, better integrate all of our social media, and update the look and feel of the sites. Overall the result should be stickier websites that engage visitors much more deeply with the schools and partners that we feature.

New Offerings – With our site redesign brings opportunities for new offerings. This will include better placement for featured schools and partners, the ability to be found easier through our search tool, but also new products and packaging. New packages will include social media and search engine optimization as well as many other features. While it is too early to announce all of our new offerings, make sure to stay tuned and plan to visit us at NAFSA in St. Louis for a glimpse of our new online marketing and lead generation packages.

Conferences – We are starting our conference season off in New Orleans this year and as we did last year, ending in Miami, Florida. No sympathy required, we love all of these destinations. Here is a list of a few of the key conferences we will be attending, sponsoring and presenting at this year:

• AIEA – Association of International Education Administrators, Feb 7-20 – New Orleans, LA
• Study Mississippi (MAIE), Feb 21-22 – Hattiesburg, MS
• FAIE, Feb 21-22 — Gainesville, FL
• LeadsCon West, March 18-20 – Las Vegas, NV
• NAGAP – the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals, April 24 – 27 Orlando, FL
• NAFSA Annual, May 26-31 in St. Louis, MO
• OACAC – Overseas Association of College Admission Counseling, July 9-11 – Poughkeepsie, NY
• LeadsCon East, July 24-25 – New York, NY
• NACAC – National Association of College Admission Counseling, Sep 19-21 – Toronto, Canada
• NAFSA Regionals – We attended 9 Regionals last year. Stay tuned for our 2013 schedule.

We look forward to a great year and rolling out our Envisage key initiatives for 2013, with our primary goal being to continuously improve the value we bring to our existing clients while we forge new relationships.

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