Pick of the Week – January 25th

pick-of-the-weekIts been a relatively quiet week in the world of international education, after a very busy few weeks at the beginning of the year. But as we head into the last week of January, there were a few unique news stories that jumped out at us and made it into our pick of the week, covering international education in Ireland and also social media.

Griffith College offers to waive fees if families host international students

One of the more interesting stories to emerge this week was the move by Griffith College in Ireland to waive fees for families who opt to host an international student studying at the college. In Ireland average annual fees are around €5,000, and this represents quite a saving for families. It is not clear if international students will still need to pay for the homestay option, but its certainly an excellent cultural opportunity for international students who are planning to study there.

CEOs advise peers to build trust on Twitter, not desert it

An interesting article this week about the social media platform Twitter says that CEO’s and top management are have been abandoning Twitter over the last few years, most concerned with negative publicity that surrounds the social media platform because it is so open. However the articles cites building trust and transparency are key factors with Twitter and it can in fact help your business. Looking at Twitter adoption in the world of international education, it has been slow – however I think its importance will increase, most importantly from a marketing/ SEO perspective (as social media is now playing a more important role in search). It will be interesting to see how the platform grows over 2013 and if there is further adoption in the world of international education.

Forty public universities will offer free online courses with full credit starting this spring

In an interesting move this week, 40 universities in the USA including Arizona State, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Arkansas, are going to start offering free online courses to students from all around the world. The program is run in partnership with Academic Partnerships, and will allow students to sign up and attend introductory courses online with a view to passing those courses and then signing up for full degree programs. Though free online courses are nothing new, a program launch of this size has not been seen before and the fact that anyone around the world can sign up – its an excellent opportunity for many international students.

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