Envisage Pick of the Week – February 24th 2012

pick-of-the-weekThis week we announced the winners of our “Social Media Scavenger Hunt”, a fun only social media competition where our followers had to follow our various social media channels to find the clues in order to win a $300 American Express Gift Card. Melissa from Italy won the competition and you can learn more about her and the game on InternationalStudent.com. Its a great way to engage students and improve your social media presence!

In international education news this week, the UK announces there will be no cap on students from India, and some changes to Twitter could impact your organizations timeline and how you present to your followers:


British Prime Minister in India to Bolster Relationship


The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was in India this week on a trade mission to bolster relationships between both countries. Indian students have been impacted recently by much of the reform with the UK Visa changes, but there were no major concessions given to Indian students who are looking to study, however the British government did announce that there would be no cap on the number of Indian students that can apply to study in the UK. Also, as part of the trip, Mr Cameron did unveil a new fast track system for business men, allowing them the opportunity to gain a visa the same day for travel to the UK.


New Twitter Filter Could Harm Your Tweets


One of the main advantages of Twitter is that your tweets will show in every single followers timeline (whether they login and see the tweet in their timeline is another thing), but at the moment Twitter does not filter or apply any process to the tweets that appear in your timeline. Unlike Facebook where their “EdgeRank” algorithm determines what is being shown in a users newsfeed, you could have 5,000 fans on Facebook, but due to their algorithm, your posts may only show to a few hundred based on numerous factors. Twitter however has said this is changing, and will be starting to apply filters to their tweets which could impact your effectiveness on Twitter. We will have to wait and see who and how this affects your tweets, but it might not be good news for schools and organizations.


Instagram or Pinterest – Where should your school start?


According to Pew Research, 56% of internet users curate or create photos or videos online. This is a huge number and certainly shows why there has been a definite move over the last 6 to 12 months to more visual social media sharing sites. The two largest that have jumped into the limelight are Pinterest and Instagram – but with another platform coming into the fray, which should you develop as a strategy and why? This excellent article outlines the main advantages and of each platform and should give you some direction on which is better for you.

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