Envisage Pick of the Week – March 1st 2013

pick-of-the-weekThe first of the month yet again, where does the time go! 2013 is rocketing by and its only 3 months until the NAFSA annual conference which is a large part of many peoples calendar in international education. But, before that we have just come back from the AIEA conference that was held in New Orleans and our leading pick of the week is from that conference:

US aims to engage Muslim world via higher education

At a recent round-table session at last weeks AIEA conference held in New Orleans, Meghann Curtis, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs at the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs said the idea of “education diplomacy” has “really arrived” at the highest levels of American foreign policy. Adding to that she also said that diplomacy with the Middle East and North African countries was a top priority for the current administration – and it would be tackles on three fronts, bringing in more international students from those countries to the USA, sending US faculty to campuses to “internationalize” their campuses, and assistance to bring their education systems more in line with the US. It will be interesting to see how this commitment actually turns out into policies.

UKBA clarifies universities’ responsibilities

Much has been written about, and we have even featured in our pick of the week, the changes and difficulties that have been surfacing in the UK as the government has tried to crack down on abuses of the international education system. With the extent of changes that have been undertaken in the UK, its inevitable that there will be some issues – and one of the main issues was clarified this week by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA). Universities do not need separate or biometric attendance monitoring systems for international students after confusion in the sector over how strict checks should be. This move has been welcomed by many, however students union’s have still said they extent of check on international students needs to be scaled back even further. Some universities in the UK are requiring physical check-ins up to 3 times a week.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Vine for Marketing

Vine is the latest social media craze that is sweeping the internet, and in particular Twitter. Created by Twitter themselves, Vine is a app that allows you to take just 6 seconds of video that can then be posted to Vine but also to Twitter. Since its launch late last month, there has been a number of people and brands flocking to the service, and after a little hiccup with material being flooded on the service that was not really safe for work, they have cleaned it up now and its still gaining attention. Whether the service will stay around or a total flop is still to be seen, but if you want to try it out for marketing this blog post gives some excellent advice and guidance.

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