International Education Pick of the Week – April 26th 2013

pick-of-the-weekAs some of you may have noticed, it has been a fortnight since our last pick of the week. As we look to refine and improve the pick of the week, and based on feedback, we have decided to move our pick of the week to every fortnight (or every two weeks). The new format should help us to refine the pick of the week, and provide an even better service to the international education world. As always, we love to hear your feedback so keep that coming into us.

The events in Boston and the terrible bombings have taken a fore-front over the last 10 days, not only in the wider media, but also in the field of international education. One of the three innocent victims that were killed in the bombings was a Chinese Graduate international student, the thoughts and prayers from all of the Envisage team go out to those who were affected.

Chinese international student died in Boston bombing

Lingzi Lu, a Chinese Graduate student studying at Boston University, was one of the 3 killed and over 170 wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings last Monday. Lu had arrived in the USA just last year to pursue a 3 year graduate program, and was watching the marathon along with thousands of other spectators before the terrible events occurred. The impact that events like this has on other students attending school in the USA is hard to determine, but like the spirit of Boston, many current international students hold very strong thoughts on this matter. Harvard graduate student Jin Sun, for example,  commented about whether other students will be deterred from the USA, “No, we come here not for ourselves. We come here to improve China and to improve relations with the United States. I don’t think students will stop coming here to study.”

Uni Numbers Bounce Back in Australia

After a troubled few years, the Australia higher education numbers are starting to show some positive signs of growth. Commencements rose 5.1% in the first quarter of 2013, the first positive rise in a number of years after there were declines in 2011 and 2012 during the same period. Sue Blundell of English Australia commented “This is the real start of the turnaround in higher education, it seems,”. The positive numbers thought to be a direct result of the streamlining of the visa process in Australia and the introduction of post-visa work rights.

Facebook Launches new Mobile Design for Pages

Announced this week, Facebook has rolled out a brand new mobile design layout for its business pages to make it much cleaner and easier for users to interact with your content and connect with your organisation or business. Some of the main changes include moving your pages contact information up to the top of the page, so users can quickly click to call, email or like you and the most relevant information about the business has been moved to the top. As mobile usage continues to surge, these changes are welcomed, but its a good time to go into your profile and just make sure all your contact details, address, etc.. are all up-to-date as they will be much more prominent to users now.

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