Navigating the US Healthcare System

The US healthcare system can be really tricky for some international students to understand. Most students come from countries that have nationalized healthcare and when they become sick or injured, they simply g153554163o get the necessary treatment. However, in the US things are not so simple.

It’s no secret that the US offers some of the best medical treatment in the world. It’s also no secret that we have the most expensive healthcare in the word.  Most medical providers in the US won’t provide medical care unless you have health insurance or you pay up front for service. Because of this, health insurance is often required by colleges/universities for their international students. Unfortunately, the concept of health insurance can be very confusing for international students (even for most US citizens!).

Where do students turn for answers?

During the NAFAS 2013 annual conference in St Louis, we received a lot of feedback from advisors wanting to have information to share with their students about the US healthcare system, seeking treatment appropriately and an overview of health insurance in general.

We responded to this need by creating an online resource (Insurance Explained) that speaks specifically to international students. On our site, we breakdown the US healthcare system in ways that we hope will help ease the adjustment process for international students. Topics include; Insurance Terminology, Health and Safety Abroad, and Comparing Insurance Coverage – just to name a few!

Please feel free to share this resource with your international students. Also, if you have any suggestions or would like to see any other topics included, please let us know. Your input is very valuable!

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