Funding Your Education in the USA Infographic Now Available

International Student Loan just released their Funding Your Education in the USA infographic that is designed to help international students understand their financing options. 63% of international students reported that they primarily rely on personal or family support to fund their US education according to the Open Doors Report. While most international students self finance, that doesn’t mean that their aren’t options available.

While there are limited options available, this infographic is meant to help uncover funding options available to international students. Follow Renata and Cristian – both international students studying in the United States – on their journey as they choose two different schools with different price tags: Renata at NYU and Cristian at Edmonds Community College.

Each starts out believing that he or she can get by on personal or family support, but when something comes up, they are both forced to explore other options, such as working, scholarships, home government aid, fellowships, and student loans.

We hope that this infographic will prove useful for international students unsure of the options they have in terms of funding their education.

Click on the infographic to zoom in.

You are welcome to share this infographic with your students. If you would like more information, contact Jennifer Frankel at

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