Linkedin Will Soon Be a Must for International Student Recruiting

We all know the importance of social media for recruiting by now. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, oh my! Yet it looks like we have another familiar social media platform that we all have to start paying more attention to – LinkedIn will soon be a must for international student recruiting and recruiting in general.

This week, LinkedIn announced the launch of University Pages – a new product that allow high school students to connect with colleges and universities, their alumni, current students, and gain access to readily available statistics on the school. Other interesting information featured on the school pages includes where their graduates work, what industries they are in – are they CEO’s or VP’s, Entrepreneurs or something else. The idea is to use the data collected from those that use Linkedin to provide students with information and networking opportunities they would not have without it.

According to Christina Allen from Linkedin, their strategy is “To help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling successful careers.”

Will they succeed? They will face some challenges for sure. As an example, how do you get young students who have not had access to Linkedin to create profiles? Until now, they have not been allowed to create them until they are old enough to vote. How do you over come the perception that Linkedin is for old people looking for jobs? How do you allow high school students into a professional social media platform and keep it professional?

Challenges aside, LinkedIn already has over 200 schools that have University Pages and the students don’t even have access until September 12th. In addition, LinkedIn had close to 364 million in revenue in Q2 of this year and they have grown 59% year over year. According to their CEO, Jeff Weiner, this is due to “accelerated member growth and strong engagement” and that they “are continuing to invest in driving scale across the LinkedIn platform in order to fully realize our long term potential.”

If adding just about every teenager that wants to go to college and that wants a successful career doesn’t fit into the scale and growth strategy, I am not sure what does. LinkedIn will soon be a must for international student recruiting. Does your school have a University Page yet? If not, do you plan on it? I sure hope so.

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