Boosting a Facebook Post to Expand your Reach

161859632Facebook LikesEveryone is familiar with Facebook ads. You know the ones we all ignore on the right hand side of your feed? Facebook has recently introduced the ability to “boost” a post. Boosting a post allows you to increase your reach as well as target it, just like you can with the ads. Like Facebook ads, there is a cost to boost the post. However, unlike the ads, the boosted post appears directly in the feed and does not appear as commercial as the ads. It is simply a post on steroids and your reach depends upon how much you are willing to spend.

I recently had the privilege to present at the NAFSA IV regional conference with Sarah Heminger from Springfield College and the Study Western Mass Consortium. The topic had to do with increasing a schools web presence and how to reach international students online. One of the topics we discussed was using social media to enhance your traditional recruiting efforts. During the session, she shared a success story where she boosted a post on the Study Western Mass Facebook page.

According to Sarah, she attended a recruiting event in Mongolia (cool right?). While at the event, she posted a picture and a blurb about the event. With a budget of $15, she boosted the post, targeting Mongolian Facebook users between the ages of 13-34.

So what was the return on her $15 investment? Here are the stats:

• The post reached over 38,000 Users (99.3% were Mongolians)
• 33 users liked the post
• 1 person shared it
• 706 clicks on the photos
• 3 users clicked on the link
• 60 new page likes

Given the fact that the Study Western Mass Facebook page is under 200 likes, getting 60 new likes is great. According to Sarah, “boosts bring reach into the thousands every time, and often page likes top post likes.”

This is clearly a great example of a successful use of Facebook’s new offering to boost posts. This is just one example of how boosting a Facebook post can significantly increase your reach.

Have you tried boosting Facebook posts to expand your reach?

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