Five Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your School’s Free Profile on

12-4-2013 3-07-40 is a free resource for international students that want to study in the USA. It receives hundreds of thousands of students each month that are looking for the right school to pursue their education outside of their home country. Most schools that accept international students have a free profile on the site. To see if your school has an existing profile, use the USA School Search to see your school’s profile.

Here are five tips to getting the most out of your school’s free profile on

1) Claim your school’s profile: It is free and easy to do. This will allow you to control the information that is displayed on the page and ensure accuracy and is the first step to getting the most out of your schools free profile. Visit our blog on the topic for step by step instructions on how to claim your schools profile.

2) Create and overview of your school: A quick overview of the benefits of studying at your institution goes a long way in helping students learn more about you beyond the admissions information that is displayed. Take the University of West Georgia’s profile as an example. They have taken the time to tout that they are the, “Best Southeastern College and America’s Best Value College by The Princeton Review” and that they offer, “a complete college experience featuring campus living, NCAA Division II athletics, fraternities and sororities, and about 100 other student organizations on a beautiful, wooded 645-acre campus only 50 miles west of Atlanta, GA.”

3) Update your contact information: Did you know that students use to contact schools directly from the schools profile page from a contact form? When they do, their contact information, along with what they want to study, when they want to study and other relevant information is sent right to the school of their choice. If you provide a valid email address where you would like those inquiries to be sent, you will begin to see inquiries arrive in your inbox and the best part is that they are free. Also, make sure the phone number on the profile is the number you would want an international student who is interested in your school to call. You don’t want to have them call your main switchboard and lose a potential student.

4) Ensure your school’s data is up-to-date: To ensure the data is up-to-date, claim your profile as mentioned above and you can update it whenever you need to.

5) Follow up with inquiries regularly and often: Once you have access to the profile you will have the ability to see all the inquiries or leads that have expressed interest in your school. Once you have claimed the profile and logged in, you have the ability to manage them from there or you can download them into a spreadsheet. The most important thing to remember is not to let the inquiries go cold. Have a communications plan in place that includes initial contact within 24 hours and a follow up communications plan. Keep in mind, not all inquiries will respond to your first contact.

These five tips to getting the most out of your school’s free profile on will help you provide good information to students that are trying to figure out where in the US they want to study. Getting the most out of your profile will ensure that when they are looking for what you offer, they can find you. Have you claimed your school’s profile on

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