The Envisage International Video Series has Launched

As promised, the Envisage International video series has launched. Back in June, we blogged about a new video series that we would be starting in July that would be tailored towards best practices for schools that are marketing their institutions and programs online. Since then, we have introduced our first in a series that we hope will serve as a true resource to any school that is currently using online marketing as a recruiting tool or those that are considering it. In our video series, the videos will be produced by us, but will be case studies of how our partner schools are effectively marketing themselves online and will show you how they are following through with their marketing efforts to establish effective campaigns. If done right, an online marketing campaign can be a very effective way to cast a large net across the globe to find the students that are a good fit for your school. However, it takes more than just putting your school on the web.


In our first video of the series, “Turning Inquiries Into Real College Enrollments”, we highlighted our Featured School partner, Felician College, and explained how they take inquiries through the enrollment funnel and turn them into completed applications. This does not come without challenges. Felician is a small, private Catholic college, located in New Jersey. They are looking for a very specific student. One that wants to study in the NE US and is comfortable studying at a small school. While they don’t need to be Catholic, they must be comfortable studying at a religious school. Being a smaller school, Felician’s international recruiting team is also faced with limited resources to manage the inquiries that come in through their online marketing efforts.

Take a look at the video and see how Felician does a great job finding the right prospects, turns them into inquiries and then into applications. The Envisage International video series has launched. Stay tuned as we continue to show how our school partners are successful marketing their schools online. Does your school do a good job with online marketing and the follow through?

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