Hangout with Hiram College – Results from a Google Hangout

On July 30th, 2014, held a Google Hangout with Hiram College. It was hosted by Victoria Troupe from International Student and featured Frank Bowman, the Director for International Recruiting at Hiram College and Jihyuk Yim (Estaban), an international student from Paraguay studying economics at Hiram. During the Hangout, prospective students from around the globe had the chance to learn what it is like to attend Hiram College and then to ask questions to Frank and Estaban, which were answered live during the hangout.

Hangout with Hiram

This was our first live Hangout that we hosted with multiple presenters from multiple locations. We ran it from our studios in Neptune Beach, while Frank and Estaban were on campus at Hiram College (Learn more about the technical aspects on our Tech Blog).

We began to market the event on Monday, July 28th through an email that we sent to our newsletter subscription list, reaching roughly 200,000 subscribers. We also sent a reminder the day of the event.


We also complimented the email with social media marketing through Google+,Facebook and Twitter as well as a blog. This was all done in a effort to drive students to attend the hangout and learn more about attending Hiram College.

The great thing about a Hangout is that it lives on forever on the internet. It is on their Featured School profile, in the Hangout section on and on our YouTube channel. So the stats will continue to grow. Here are some of the initial results from Monday, July 28th through the live event on July 30th:

    • Hiram’s Featured School Profile views increased over 800% from the previous month receiving over 2,200 views for the month with 2,100 over the three day period.
    • Hiram College received over 45 inquiries from their Featured School profile as a direct result of the Hangout and the marketing around it. That is a 400% increase.
    • 183 international Students attended the event with over 300 saying they were going to attend.
    • 220 people have viewed the event on YouTube since the event ended.


All early indications say this event was quite a success. Do you use Google Hangouts to reach and recruit international students? Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how we can host a Google Hangout for your school.


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