Introducing International Student Hangouts for Schools

If you are like most schools that are looking to increase or diversify your international student population, you have looked at many different ways to reach and recruit them.  You have gotten up early, gotten on an airplane, literally flown to the other side of the world looking for students that are a good fit for your school.  You have done virtual student fairs, listed with portal sites and taken your international social media to a new level.  You have the agents that represent your school on speed dial.  But other than traveling across the globe, how else can you put a face to your school and your recruiting efforts?  We have thought long and hard about that as well. That is why we are pleased to introduce International Student Hangouts.

International Student Hangout - SUNY at Brockport

International Student Hangout – SUNY at Brockport

Our Turn-key International Student Hangout is the latest in our suite of online marketing products designed to give you a vehicle to connect with international students live on-air, engage them and answer their questions directly, all in a virtual environment powered by Google.  Google Hangouts can be a very effective way to reach and communicate with prospective international students and a great way for students to see if your institution is a fit for their interests and educational needs.

Your school will gain exposure leading up to the event, during the event and long after the event is over, as your Hangout will be permanently embedded on your school’s Featured Profile and promoted on YouTube. Your event will be marketed through our newsletter, social media, email marketing and banner advertisements.

The best part is that we do all the work! All you need to do is show up, talk about what your school offers and answer questions. We handle all the marketing, set up the event, drive attendance, provide technical support and generate the leads. We will even provide you with the computer, microphone and headset.

We have geared up to host and support the International Student Hangouts.  This year, we have built out a studio in our Neptune Beach headquarters, with lights, cameras and even a green screen.  We have tested and hosted dozens of Hangouts to ensure their success.  We recently hosted a Hangout for Hiram College and this is what Frank Bowman, the Director on International Admissions, had to say afterwards:

“I was impressed with the number of inquiries we got from the Hangout and associated marketing. We had close to 50 inquiries in a 3 day period and through our communications with those inquiries we’ve received applications for Spring and Fall, 2015.”

Do you want to have have an International Student Hangout?  Contact us for more information and to schedule an International Student Hangout for your school.

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