New Recommendations from NACAC on the Use of Commissioned Agents

In 2013 NACAC officially gave their member institutions the green light to add the use of agents to their recruiting arsenal.  However, at their 2016 meeting there were two new recommendations from NACAC on the use of commissioned agents. Those recommendations from their best practices are:

“In contracts with third party representatives, require those representatives to disclose to their student clients all institutions who are compensating them. In their promotional material for international students, institutions should offer to verify whether they have authorized any third party agents to represent them and indicate how students may request this verification.”

In other words:

  1. Schools must require agents to disclose all institutions that are paying them.
  2. Schools need to verify they have authorized agents to represent them and tell students how they can see they have been authorized.

Both of these recommendations are in line with what seems to be the theme of their initial ruling, that any institution that elects to use agents in their recruiting efforts, must do so with transparency and accountability. You can view the entire document and read more on this here.

Do you think that new recommendations from NACAC on the use of commissioned agents will help with transparency?



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