Envisage International Partnered with School the World to Increase Accessibility of Education in Guatemala

Envisage International Partnered with School the World to Increase Accessibility of Education in GuatemalaOn March 4th eight volunteers from Envisage International will head to Guatemala to build a school and playground in the small community of Choacaman Patzalam. Envisage has partnered with IvyWise, the world’s leading educational consultancy, and Flywire, the premier provider of international payment, on this initiative through School the World (STW). There will be 21 total volunteers that head to Guatemala for one week to construct a school and playground in one of the country’s poorest communities.

“Together our three companies will fund and build a school in Guatemala, but School the World is an incredible organization that does so much more than just build schools.” says Keith Clausen, President of Envisage International. “By enlisting community and government support, training teachers and parents, building playgrounds and libraries and committing to each of their communities for at least 5 years, the School the World model ensures that education in those communities will be forever changed.”

School the World is a nonprofit organization with the goal to provide access for quality education to those living in the rural villages of Central America. STW first broke ground in Guatemala in 2009 and has since built 53 schools and 30 playgrounds, trained more than 255 teachers and enrolled nearly 6,400 students in Honduras and Guatemala combined.

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Each volunteer has committed to fund-raising half of the cost of their participation, with the companies contributing the other half plus the necessary fixed amount to cover the hard costs of school construction. The overall fundraising goal is $105,000. If you would like to read more on how Envisage International partnered with School the World to increase accessibility of education in Guatemala, or to help support our initiative you can learn more on our fundraising page.

You can also follow the adventures of the 2018 EIC Guatemala team using the hashtags #EICSchoolTheWorld2018 and #EnviFlyWiseSTW.

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