EIC Meets the Community of Patzalam Choacaman

Envisage International is spending one week in Guatemala building an elementary school in the community of Patzalam Choacaman through School the World. We’ve partnered with IvyWise and Flywire for a combined total of 21 volunteers. Read on to hear our story unfold as a school is built.

Day 2: Through the mountains and one curve after the next we made our way from Antigua to the community of Patzalam Choacaman. Although we were tired from the four-hour drive and holding onto our seats at each hairpin turn, that feeling quickly faded as we all piled out of our caravan. In front of a backdrop of green mountains was the community of Patzalam Choacaman with handmade signs, balloons and eager smiles. Children, parents, siblings, the school principal, community leaders, and both the current and former mayor all gathered for our arrival to provide us with a warm welcome.

The children sang a beautiful song they had meticulously rehearsed, then grabbed a volunteer’s hand and walked us down the mountain to a grassy knoll. As we were lead into the open space we were greeted by celebratory firecrackers and received words of thanks from community members, parents and children. The entire community was thankful for our presence and we, as volunteers, were eager to both get to know the community and start helping them with the task at hand.

After an afternoon of playing games like duck, duck, goose, and a grand finale of piñata candy and popsicles, we moved on to the work site and started to get our hands dirty. Pick axes, shovels and buckets were the tools of the day as we dug holes and trenches. The work day was short, but progress could already be seen on the horizon.

Keep updated through our blog as we put in full days of work on the school this week.

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