Voice-user Interface is Growing Rapidly. What are the Drawbacks?

The way we communicate with our computers has drastically changed over the past decade. For the average person, the most common way to communicate with a computer is via their keyboards, but computers have greatly diversified. They are now coming in many different shapes and sizes. With the introduction of the first handheld cellular phone in 1973, we saw the keyboard shrink to fit on a mobile device. Again in 2007, we saw the introduction of the iPhone, giving users a touch interface. 

Fast forward to 2019, computers, home speaks, automobiles, and mobile phones offer Voice-user Interface, or VUI for short. VUI uses speech recognition software to enable users to interact with technology using just their voice. Speech is the most common and fundamental means of human communication, and being able to communicate with our devices in this way has increased the accessibility of electronic devices.

According to Adobe’s latest State of Voice Assistants report, 32 percent of consumers now own a smart speaker, up from 14 percent in January 2018. In the ever-evolving digital world where speed, efficiency, and convenience are constantly being optimized, VUI devices will continue to grow as more and more sectors of the economy are finding uses for speech recognition technology.

While many people have fallen in love with their VUI devices, there is a growing concern about the privacy and security of this new technology. One of the biggest concerns is the invasion of privacy. VUI devices are always in a listening state, waiting for a wake word. Having a device that is always listening to your conversation can sound like a George Orwell nightmare. it is important to trust the company creating your VUI devices as well as to read the privacy policy if privacy is a concern.

Device security is another major topic that is brought up in the list of concerns. The majority of VUI gadgets are connected to the internet, making it a potential target to hackers. While all major VUI device makers such as Google and Amazon are working towards making their devices as secure as possible, it is always a good idea to check for any possible security flaws on all your VUI devices.

Voice-user Interface technology is growing rapidly. People around the world are finding new ways to improve their lives using VUI devices. While these devices bring many positives to our lives, it is important to do the research and know about possible drawbacks to this new technology. As the old saying goes, “Better safe than sorry.”

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