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2019, The Year That GDPR Enforcement Began

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably well versed on the highline items around GDPR. 2018 was the year that companies around the world were scrambling and talking about the new regulations that were being implemented … Continue reading

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ETIAS and Your Short-Term Study Abroad Students

In 2018 the European Commission announced they were taking measures to increase security, including creating the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). Although legislative proposals have been in place since 2016, this announcement has since raised questions on what … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault – A Worldwide and Widespread Problem on College Campuses

While we here at International Student Insurance have been working on sexual assault prevention programs in the United States geared at international students, it is important to recognize that this is not just a US issue. In the time of … Continue reading

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Voice-user Interface is Growing Rapidly. What are the Drawbacks?

The way we communicate with our computers has drastically changed over the past decade. For the average person, the most common way to communicate with a computer is via their keyboards, but computers have greatly diversified. They are now coming … Continue reading

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Top 8 International Education Predictions for 2019

Historic Decline in International Student Enrollment in the US Since the 1948/1949 school year, when IIE began reporting on the number of international students in the US, there have been four years when the number of international students in the … Continue reading

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2018 International Education Predictions and Outcomes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: time to revisit our 2018 predictions. Each year we come up with list of predictions related to the world of international education. Now that the year is almost over, let’s take another … Continue reading

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Could Speech Recognition Software Help Improve Driving Safety of Your Students?

Marc Andressen, an entrepreneur and investor best known for his Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, wrote an essay for The Wall Street Journal titled “Why Software Is Eating The World.” The essay, which was published in 2011, touched … Continue reading

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Google Trends Shows US Recruitment Problem, and Canada’s Gain

Canada’s success in recruiting international students over the past few years, and the corresponding struggles in the US, have been well documented and much discussed.  There’s also been a lot of speculation and study of the reasons for the divergent … Continue reading

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Educational Institutions Get Creative Around Limiting Cell Phone Use

There’s no question that the use of smart phones is wide spread throughout educational institutions in the US. A visit to any college or university campus provides insight into the fact that domestic and international students alike enjoy smartphone screen … Continue reading

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Envisage International Partnered with School the World to Increase Accessibility of Education in Guatemala

On March 4th eight volunteers from Envisage International will head to Guatemala to build a school and playground in the small community of Choacaman Patzalam. Envisage has partnered with IvyWise, the world’s leading educational consultancy, and Flywire, the premier provider … Continue reading

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