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Using the Advanced Responsive Classes of Bootstrap 3.2

Some of the tricker items to handle within a mobile first website are large images or tables, and embedded objects like videos/iframes. The 3.0 version of Bootstrap introduced us to the responsive image and table classes, but did not offer … Continue reading

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Mobile Email Strategies

What device, browser, or app do you use for email? According to Litmus, email opens on mobile devices topped 50% for the first time in December 2013. This means that overall more users were checking email on a phone than … Continue reading

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Responsive Mobilization with Bootstrap 3

As more of the consumers of information on the web turn to phones and smart devices for their browsing, it becomes ever more imperative to have a site that responds to the needs of the user. Bootstrap from Twitter is the … Continue reading

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International Education Pick of the Week – April 12th 2013

Yet another week, and it seems the UK is yet again at the center of attention in the international education world. However, this time for slightly more positive news – London Metropolitan University, who were banned from admitting international students … Continue reading

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