Individual Health & Travel Insurance

Servicing clients all around the world, our individual insurance plans are provided through our primary insurance site - International Student Insurance. Here, we offer a range of plans to suit both students and non-students covering a key range of areas including:

Student Health Insurance

Our main product is the Student Health Insurance plan, that we have developed to offer international students who are studying abroad - outside of their home country. This plan is designed to meet school insurance requirements and comes in four plan levels; Smart, Budget, Select and Elite. Coverage starts are just $27/month, and through the various plan levels we offer coverage up to $500,000, low deductible, mental health coverage, maternity coverage, sports coverage - and more.

Travel Medical Insurance

Offering coverage for both students, and non-students - our Travel Medical Insurance plan is an ideal options for those that are looking for a quality travel health insurance when they are abroad. Coverage is available for up to 1 year inside the USA, and for up to 3 years when traveling outside the USA and includes a range of benefits such as hospitalization, doctors visits, prescription medications, evacuation, repatriation and certain hazardous sports.

Major Medical Insurance

For those needing longer term coverage, or a more comprehensive insurance package - our Major Medical Insurance plan offers this coverage. With up to $8,000,000 in coverage available, full family coverage and an extensive range of benefits, this medically underwritten plan is ideal for those individuals and families that will be abroad for an extended period of time.

Other Coverage:

Apart from our three main plans, we also provide:

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Emergency Evacuation Insurance
  • Discount Dental Plans
  • European Travel Insurance

For more details on these plans please see our website for full details.


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