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We are dedicated to providing a range of resources that not only helps international student advisors, but also provides education to students about the healthcare system and how insurance works. That is why we have created a range of free school resources that are designed to provide this assistance and help - and are available to everyone!

They include:

Online Student Orientations
Through the power of Google Hangouts, we will provide an online international student insurance orientation that guides your students through the healthcare system.
Customized School Pages
If you want to offer specific insurance options to your students, our school pages are full customized to suit your needs and direct students to the right products.
In both physical and electronic format, we can provide you with brochures or our main plans.
Insurance Explained
We have a wealth of articles, covering nearly all insurance topics, to help students understand and learn about insurance and the healthcare system.
Our popular videos are an ideal addition to your website, or your student orientation and cover a variety of topics.

To learn more about all our Free School Resources, please see our section on International Student Insurance for full details.


Ross Mason, Vice President

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