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Envisage International strives to generate exposure for your college or university through brand building and outbound marketing that allows interested students to contact you directly. As a Featured School partner, your institution will receive an enhanced, custom profile that serves as the focal point for our marketing efforts while increasing your school's web presence and helping students find your school through search engines. The purpose of the enhanced profile is to represent your school and describe the programs available to international students with unlimited content of your choice. We offer a variety of pricing and completely customizable packages that immediately get you in front of millions of international students using your choice of outbound marketing mediums that equip you with the tools to meet the goals of your school’s recruiting strategy.

Packages on International Student

All our packages offer schools affordable access to international students through an enhanced profile on the School Search.

Silver Package

Enhanced School Profile includes:

  • Account manager
  • Lead management dashboard
  • Enhanced school profile
  • Top Listing in the USA School Search
  • Real-time lead delivery
  • 200 leads guaranteed, no cap

Gold Package $5,995 per year

All “Silver Package” features plus:

  • Six social media posts
  • Two newsletter inclusions
  • Two blog posts
  • One mid-month newsletter inclusion
  • One trigger email for top program
  • One banner ad
  • 400 leads guaranteed, no cap

Diamond Package $9,995 per year

All “Platinum Package” features plus:

  • Six additional social media posts
  • Two additional blog posts
  • Two additional mid month newsletter inclusions
  • One additional newsletter inclusion
  • One email blast
  • One trigger email for top program
  • One additional banner ad
  • One customized auto-reply email
  • 600 leads guaranteed, no cap

Our application add-on allows you to receive applications, as opposed to just leads. We will integrate your full application onto our site to allow students to begin the process right away. Simply choose a package level from the Silver, Gold or Platinum then pick how many applications you would like to receive from the following three add-on selection options.

Guaranteed 40 applications $5,500 annually
Guaranteed 60 applications $6,000 annually
Guaranteed 80 applications $8,000 annually
Application nurturing to completion $4,000 annually

Customizable Options

With any of our packages, you can include extra “add-ons” to tailor the package to your needs:

  • Newsletter Promotion ($1,495 per newsletter)
  • Mid-Month Featured Newsletter Promotion ($1,995 per newsletter)
  • Stand-Alone Email Blast ($4,995 per email blast)
  • Trigger Email for Top Program ($1,995 annually)
  • Lead Nurturing Welcome Email ($1,995 annually)
  • Lead Nurturing Email Series ($3,995 annually)
  • Blog Post ($995 per post)
  • Rotating Banner Ad ($1,495 annually)
  • Social Media Marketing ($2,495 annually)
  • Facebook Live Video Event ($3,995 per video)
  • Language Translation ($995 per language)
  • Additional Campus ($995 annually)
  • ESLDirectory Listing ($595 annually)
  • API Integration into CRM ($995 one time fee)

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