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This too shall pass. Like everyone, we’re following COVID-19 news with great interest, feeling compassion for those most affected, love and support for medical teams on the front lines, and hope for what comes next. Meanwhile, with our whole team working remotely and creatively, we continue to serve our clients and work with our partners to do all we can to help them emerge strong, intact and ready to move forward. So in that spirit, this month we share some of the digital tools and learning that we’ve been working on, including a new resource on emotional wellness during this pandemic, tax return guidance and a webinar on virtual engagement with international students.

Stay healthy, stay positive and we will see you soon.

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

Tax Season 2020 Updates

Around this time of the year, we would normally be telling international students living in the US to complete and mail in tax returns by April 15th. While we are still encouraging students to adhere to that deadline, the official federal tax return deadline has been moved to July 15th due to COVID-19. Many state tax deadlines have also been pushed back so students with state tax return obligations should check their state’s website to confirm deadlines.

Please refer students needing assistance with tax returns to the Student Tax Return section of Within this section, there are various helpful resources including the Tax Form 8843 Wizard which will populate students’ forms for them without saving any personal data. If additional help is needed, students can get help directly from Sprintax, a nonresident tax preparation service for international students in the US.

Student Tax Return Section >>

Virtual Recruiting and Connecting During COVID-19

By now we all know that institutions are turning to online resources to reach students around the world, and to help current prospects continue through the admissions funnel.


Join our webinar on April 23rd at 1:30pm ET as we share what other colleges and universities have been doing during this time to alter current processes and ways you can gain student interest through digital tools.

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Emotional Wellness During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Staying inside during this pandemic isn’t easy, so we have launched a new page on how international students and scholars can maintain their mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have defined important terms, included a top 10 list of how to stay happy and healthy, and discussed ways to get involved and connect with others online.

As always, our resources are completely free and you are welcome to email this to your students, share on social, and link on your website.

Emotional Wellness During COVID-19 >>

Ways to Engage with International Students

Even with the world at our fingertips, keeping connected these days is difficult- including how we’re able to communicate with current and prospective international students. If you’re searching for relevant information to share with students we have a couple of items that might help including a blog post that covers three things international students should do during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and our newly launched international student community group on Facebook. Please feel free to share these resources with your students to provide an update and continue the engagement within the world of international education.

Host a Facebook Live Event with

Having access to the right tools to reach international students online is more important than ever. is pleased to be able to help colleges and universities get in front of hundreds of international students through Facebook Live events. Engagement rates of our live events are powerful, often delivering an 800% engagement increase compared to a standard social post. You can explore this option online or contact us directly for personalized assistance.