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Normally at this time of year we would be frantically scrambling on final preparations for NAFSA - scheduling meetings, perfecting presentations and tweaking travel arrangements. Instead, we’re spending our days on Zoom and Slack, building resources, helping clients and improving our digital marketing and internal processes. Although we will miss seeing so many of you at NAFSA, there are silver linings to this pandemic that we all must search for - for us, it’s the certainty that we will emerge better, stronger, and more aligned with doing well for our clients than ever before. We are busy! And thankful, too, for that busyness, for our jobs, for our health - and we wish the same to each of you.

So this month, we offer a snapshot of some of the things we’re doing, including a virtual NAFSA week where you can book time with us!

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

New ISI Brand, New Look

We’re delighted to announce the relaunch of ISI and the addition of a new ISI Administrator Portal.

International Student Insurance

ISI now has a new logo and new design, making it simpler to find and understand which plan is right for your students and streamlining the enrollment process. Still confused? Students, dependents, and scholars can use our Virtual Agent to help compare and decide which insurance plan is right for them.

ISI - Administrators

We have also added a new Administrator Portal designed for our group clients. Here schools will be able to easily find the:

  • ISI Administrator Blog new!
  • Enrollment Tool
  • Group Zones
  • Upcoming Events
  • Free School Resources

If you are looking for a group plan for the new school year, write to us at or call us at (877) 926-0042.

Student Secure Relaunch

The new Student Secure has been released as of May 15th, and is now ready for you and your students. Students can buy coverage online and start the plan as soon as the same day. Included in our plan is:

  • COVID-19 is covered the same as any other illness
  • All students use the UnitedHealthcare Network
  • Maternity, mental health and sports coverage available
  • Available in four levels to meet all needs and budgets
  • Prices starting at $31/month on the Smart level

Learn more >>

Since many schools will be doing much more communication online prior to the start of the semester (and perhaps even into the semester), we can also create a customized landing page for your school. With these pages you can:

  • Include your logo
  • Personalize the text
  • Show any level of coverage
  • Set specific dates of coverage

Let us build you a landing page, these pages are free, and allow you to personalize your message to your students.

Landing Pages >>

Free Three Month Trial on

We’ve seen many colleges and universities recently faced with the challenge of tightened budgets, but still needing to recruit international students. With a variety of digital recruitment options available it can become overwhelming, especially if funds are limited. To help during these times is offering a free three month trial on our Silver package. This includes a fully customized profile page, dedicated account manager and increased visibility in our school search. Schools can sign up during the month of May for an inside look at how they’re able to gain a steady stream of leads, and cancel for free anytime before September 1st.

We want to help as many colleges and universities as possible during these times. Learn more about how you can start the trial before May 31st.

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Virtual NAFSA Booth

Like many in the international education community, we are saddened by the cancellation of the 2020 NAFSA conference in St. Louis. Each year we are excited to meet with clients, prospects, colleagues and friends that have developed over the years. Even though we might not be able to meet this year in the great state of Missouri, we can still connect. If you would like to schedule a no-NAFSA meeting during the week of May 24-29, please let us know what time works for you!

International Student Team


ISI Team


Virtual Recruiting and Connecting During COVID-19

Even with the world at our fingertips, keeping connected these days is difficult- including how we’re able to communicate with current and prospective international students. If you’re searching for ways to keep the engagement going with your students and to provide them with relevant information, we have three things that sharing with them can help accomplish just that.

Watch the Webinar >>

New Virtual Orientation Video

Insurance is complicated, but add in a language barrier, a foreign health care system, and lots of jargon and it can feel daunting! To help overcome some of these barriers, we have created a new virtual orientation to help your students learn about the US healthcare system, why insurance is important, benefits of the Student Secure plan, as well as how to seek treatment and how to file a claim.

We all know we have additional struggles this term to get students prepared for college, so feel free to send out this video to your students, share on social, and we can even include it on your landing page. Let us help walk your students through the insurance process step by step.

Student Orientation Video >>

Risk Manager View on COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has upended business as usual for colleges and universities. Not only have campuses shifted to remote learning almost overnight, but institutions are also suddenly grappling with grave financial challenges as the domestic and global economies may now facing what looks to be a major recession. We talked with several Risk Managers from major universities to get their perspective on how COVID-19 is impacting their campuses and what the major challenges they’re facing are. Read about their responses in our blog.

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