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After 9 years, the Envisage International newsletter will come to an end next month. We’ve enjoyed sharing resources and updates across our main areas of focus, but we feel the time has come to be more focused in our communications. So starting next month, we will have two newsletters, one from International Student Insurance (ISI) for all things insurance, wellness and health and safety-related, and one from featuring all digital marketing, virtual recruiting, lead generation and student engagement items. Hopefully, this means we will have more helpful newsletters targeted specifically to your areas of interest, and you can choose to receive either, both or neither.

Please enjoy the penultimate issue, packed with resources for virtual or in-person orientations, tax resources and more. We hope you stay safe during this craziest of summers, and wish you the best as you fight to evolve and preserve the programs you’ve all worked so hard to build.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

Tax Returns Due Tomorrow

Tax filings are due tomorrow, July 15! It feels strange to have tax day in the middle of the summer, but nothing is normal about 2020. All international students must file at least form 8843. If you have students who still need help with last-minute filing the Tax Return section makes it simple with our:

  • Filing Step-by-Step Guide
  • Form 8843 Wizard
  • Student Tax FAQs
  • Tax Preparation Videos

Students with more complicated tax returns also have access to further resources including tax help from the experts at Sprintax. With less than one day left to file, feel free to refer our tax section to those needing guidance.

Tax Resources >>

Student Secure Plan

With Fall around the corner and COVID-19 still here, you will want to make sure your students are properly covered. Our Student Secure plan is a popular option for international students, scholars, and students on OPT, and is available in four levels to choose from.

All levels will cover COVID-19 the same as any other illness, and also cover:

  • Doctor visits/hospitalization
  • Prescription medication
  • Medical evacuation & repatriation
  • Mental health and telehealth
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Maternity
  • Optional organization sports add-on

Plans start at just $31/month and students can begin coverage as soon as the same day.

Student Secure >>

International Student Orientation Resources

We know a lot of you are getting creative with your orientation this Fall, especially as there is still a lot of uncertainty out there on what this new year will look like. To help you with your orientation - no matter if it’s virtual or in-person - we have a number of free school resources we have developed to make it easy for you and your students:

  • Video Library - Visit our library for videos on the US healthcare system, sexual assault awareness, stress & culture shock, mental health and more! Videos are available to play at orientation or you are welcome to embed on your site - and all videos are available with subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Customized School Pages - If you need an easy way to communicate your insurance information to your students, we can help! We can create an insurance page just for you and your students to explain your requirements, where to submit their insurance details, and more.
  • Sexual Assault & Mental Health Training Programs - Are you looking to cover mental health or sexual misconduct in your orientation? Let us help you with these free training programs that are designed for schools to help educate their international students.
  • COVID-19 Page - Many of us are still under lockdown and still many of us are minimizing our exposure to other people, which can be particularly stressful for international students. Check out our recent page on COVID-19 designed for international students to learn about emotional wellness and ways to engage virtually.

Business Travel and Study Abroad Blanket Plan

When your employees and students travel internationally, be sure they have access to quality health care whenever they need it, wherever they need it. ISI has partnered with Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad to develop products, solutions and services that assure your access to the best in class health care around the world. The partnership of Cigna Global Health and ISI offers the ability to provide comprehensive healthcare to all your international travelers in one easy-to-administer blanket plan and includes Cigna’s unrivaled network of one million healthcare professionals and facilities worldwide. You can also be certain of exceptional service from a dedicated Account Manager who will serve as your single point of contact.

Contact Us >>

What To Expect When Seeking Treatment

Seeking medical care in the US isn’t easy, and many international students are confused about where to start, what to expect, and how to file a claim. Check out our newest resource that will walk students through 8 steps on what to do and what to expect when getting medical care and using insurance for medical treatment.

What to Expect >>

International Student Loans

As we approach the upcoming Fall 2020 term, many of your students are likely shopping for loans. With the ‘Find My Student Loan’ tool, students will be able to find and compare lenders for international students at their school, with or without a cosigner. If you have any students who are in need of loans, please direct them to the tool.

International Student Loans >>