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As I mentioned last month, after 9 years, this is the final Envisage International newsletter - but we’re excited to introduce the replacements! We have grown tremendously over this time, and we no longer think that one newsletter serves our businesses, our clients, partners and colleagues as well as we can. So tomorrow you will receive the first edition of the ISI Newsletter, and next week the first edition of the Newsletter. You can choose to receive both, either or neither, depending on what you find useful. We think this evolution will let us deliver more focused communication around our areas of expertise, and we hope you agree.

Thanks to each of you for your continued support, and I know I speak for the whole team here when I say we look forward to the time when we can meet up in person once again.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

ISI Newsletter

Jennifer Frankel will be the editor of the ISI Newsletter, covering student insurance, wellness, and health and safety in international education. Many of you know Jenny from her 12 years of work here, from her countless conferences and presentations, her leadership positions with NAFSA Regions and the FAIE board, or perhaps from a visit to your campus. As Director of University Relations, Jenny is as connected to your students’ concerns as anyone. She’ll share new and timely resources that we’ve developed and of course, keep you up-to-date on individual and group health insurance for your international and study abroad students.

The first issue arrives tomorrow and includes a webinar titled: Navigating the US Healthcare System During COVID-19. The webinar, free and open to all, is essential learning for any student new to the US or still unfamiliar with our extraordinarily complex healthcare system. Newsletter

Bryanna Davis leads the team and will be the editor of the newsletter covering digital marketing, virtual recruitment, international financial aid resources, lead generation and student engagement. Bryanna stays well-connected to industry developments across these areas and is a frequent presenter (and a bit of an internet star) on subjects like student communication plans, using social media to engage with and recruit international students and effective email nurturing. The first issue will arrive next Tuesday, August 18 and will announce the new theme and name for our 15th Annual Travel Video Contest!