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Tuesday January 15th, 2013 - Issue #16
Welcome to the January Envisage International Newsletter

As we implement our New Year's resolution to be more consistent with our newsletter dates, you can now expect valuable insight into the world of international education on the second Tuesday of each month. If you already follow the Envisage blog you might have noticed that with the New Year we also launched Pick of the Week, a weekly Friday blog discussing the top international education items from the week that passed. Next month we plan to launch our new shiny tech blog… more on that in the February newsletter. In this issue we rollout our full embrace of Google Plus, discuss financial aid options for international students, and remind everyone of a free student recruitment tool. As always, you can find dates of upcoming industry conferences at the bottom and you can access past issues of the newsletter by visiting the Envisage newsletter page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas for future newsletters, any comments, questions or concerns.

Envisage International Corporation

Envisage International News
The Plus One Dilemma...

Google Plus The "plus one" dilemma (two simple words, one almighty headache) has been debated for years but we say, "no more!" Envisage International can now be found on Google Plus so please circle us and +1 as much as you want: plus.google.com

While Google Plus is still relatively new and hovering in the shadow of Facebook, it has reached 135 million users and has a rapid growth rate, similar to what Facebook experienced back in 2008. We believe that Google Plus is here to stay and will become increasingly important not only as a new social network, but as a platform for delivery of new technology and as an important element of SEO. Google Plus enables live interaction with people in your network through something called "hangouts", sort of a group video chat that many people are excited about and that is not offered through other social networks. Even President Obama recently used Google Plus' hangout for a press conference. And the growing impact of social media on search engine results is well documented - since this social media platform is owned and operated by the dominant search engine, ignore it at your peril. If you are not already part of this fast growing social network be sure to sign up and circle us today.

You can also find Envisage International on LinkedIn and we encourage you all to join our newly formed group called All Things International Education. LinkedIn Groups are a great vehicle to bounce ideas off different people, get suggestions from peers, or simply ask a question. Through our group we hope to help spur some interesting discussions related to international education.

International Financial Aid News
US Loans Available for International Students

If you have international student knocking at your door asking about financial aid, you should know the basic landscape regarding student loans for non-US citizens. Many international students currently rely on private student loans to fund their studies. As international student enrollment continues to increase we expect this number to surge in the coming years, which means an increased burden on international student advisors, financial aid officers, and other assisting the international student population.

Many private lenders will not lend to international students, and all lenders work on a school list. Our loan comparison tool will match searchers with a list of private lenders that work with your specific school, that specifically work with international student, and that allow international students to use an online application. Student can then compare basic terms and conditions, and do the entire application online. Typically these loans have fairly competitive rates and flexible repayment terms.

Check here to see if your school is eligible, or contact Jennifer Frankel for more information.

International Student Recruitment News
Claim Your School Listing!

Did you know it is free to list your school on InternationalStudent.com? Each month, thousands of international students use the School Search on InternationalStudent.com to find colleges and universities in the US that meet their educational needs and interests. If a student is interested in a particular school, they have the ability to submit contact and demographic information directly to the school and the school then has the power to contact the student directly. Our School Search is free for students to use as well as free for colleges and universities to list their school.

In November and December of last year, we passed along over 1,900 student inquiries to schools across the US for free. Any school that accepts international students should already have a school profile on InternationalStudent.com. Once you claim the listing, you become the administrator and can update your profile and manage your inquiries.

If you are interested in international student inquiries at no cost to your school, claim your school's profile by following these easy steps.

International Education Top News
Pick of the Week - Weekly Industry Insights

Last month we rolled out the Envisage Pick of the Week, a weekly blog post highlighting the most important international education related stories from around the world. Each week we will pull from what is going on in various arenas like social media and other technology as it impacts international education, changes in legislation that impact you and your students, the latest news in lead generation and marketing techniques,and more.

By running three separate business lines, we occupy a unique position in the international education world. We provide international insurance services to thousands of students and schools globally, we offer financial services in the form of student loans, and we are one of the leading lead generation and marketing companies for schools to recruit international students. We need to stay up to date across all three areas, and we will boil all of our efforts down each week into the most potent and helpful for you.

The weekly highlight will arrive every Friday on our blog, and the latest post covers changes in proposed legislation in Finland, five countries to watch out for in 2013 as a growing source of international students and harnessing and utilizing google analytics to enhance your lead generation efforts.

We welcome input, so if you have news items you would like us to highlight, please let us know.

Upcoming Industry Events

Here are the 2013 conferences we will be attending:

  • AIEA – Association of International Education Administrators, Feb 7-20 - New Orleans, LA
  • Study Mississippi (MAIE), Feb 21-22 - Hattiesburg, MS
  • FAIE, Feb 21-22 - Gainesville, FL
  • LeadsCon West, March 18-20 - Las Vegas, NV
  • NAGAP – the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals, April 24-27 - Orlando, FL
  • NAFSA Annual, May 26-31 - St. Louis, MO
  • OACAC – Overseas Association of College Admission Counseling, July 9-11 - Poughkeepsie, NY
  • LeadsCon East, July 24-25 - New York, NY
  • NACAC – National Association of College Admission Counseling, Sep 19-21 - Toronto, Canada
  • NAFSA Regionals – We attended 9 Regionals last year. Stay tuned for our 2013 schedule.

Contact us and schedule an appointment if you are attending any of these events, as we would love to see you.