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Monday February 10th, 2014 - Issue #29
International Education News

Since we launched our USA School Search on over two years ago, we’ve been gearing up to this day when we could truly scale our offerings. With today’s issue, we are launching a new suite of Featured School packages that start with pricing as low as $1,995 for a year’s exposure and leads. With the increasing traffic to the school search, the new featured school profile pages, and enhanced technology on the back-end, we can make affordable packages available and deliver tremendous value to many more schools than in the past.

We are excited and look forward to welcoming many of you as new Featured School clients!

Keith Clausen,
for The Envisage International Team

Envisage International News
Enhanced Featured School Profiles / New Advertising Packages

Following the relaunch of last year, the launch of the mobile version this year, and the dramatic increase in traffic to our USA School Search, we are excited to announce the following:

  • New enhanced profiles - Our new enhanced school profiles offer our school partners a vehicle to deliver content, branding, and more to our community of millions of international students. Your school’s profile will have top listing through the USA School Search on for any matching search. The new profiles offer unlimited amounts of content, including:
    • School logo, overview, program descriptions and statistics
    • Student profiles, scholarship and financial aid information
    • Photos and videos of campus, students or other relevant subjects
    • Social media feed integration of your school’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and other feeds
    • Uncapped number of leads delivered in real-time


  • Translations - We now offer translations of a school’s profile into 14 additional languages - and if you need a language we don’t offer, let us know and we will get it for you. Your profile page has unlimited English-language content, and we will translate all of that English-language content to the language or languages of the students and parents of the countries that you are targeting.

  • Pricing and Packaging - We now have four standard packages - the Base Package, the Outbound Package, the SEO Package, and the Platinum Package - you can see them all herea>. Each of the four standard packages is completely customizable with add-ons that include translations, banner ads, exposure on our scholarship or ESL sites, newsletter and email marketing, and other enhancements. We also offer add-ons to all of our packages allowing schools an affordable way to customize the marketing plan that best suits your school’s needs and budget. We know budgets are tight - with design changes and new content delivering tremendous traffic to the USA School Search, we are now able to offer the Base Package at $1,995 for a full year of exposure and leads.

We look forward to continuing to work with our current partners in 2014, and welcoming many more of you to the Featured School family. Contact us for more information information or visit our and packaging section on

Loans / Financial Aid

This year we are excited to launch a series of free webinars designed to help students navigate through the financial aid process. In January we did our first discussion on How to Get an International Scholarship, and we have our next one on Wednesday, February 19th at 2 pm EST on How to Get an International Student Loan.

We get a lot of questions from students on how to finance their education in the USA. This series of webinars is entirely free, and designed to help international students navigate through available resources to get the financial support they need. Students can learn from our experts at an interactive webinar, ask questions and follow up directly.

Share this free webinar with your students through your social media, listserves, or website. We'll be announcing our new webinar each month through our ISTL Facebook, Twitter and Google+ feeds, so feel free to connect through those channels or to tell your students to do so. The webinars will cover topics similar to the ones covered in the resources section of International Student Loan.


Arriving on campus for the first time can be stressful for international students. New people, new surroundings, language barriers - you name it!

Most schools already have an international student orientation that they offer or in some cases require students to attend. Orientation is a great time to make any mental health resources that your school offers available to your international students. Knowing what services you have available and having easy access to them is a great best practice.

Please refer to our blog on mental health for more info.

Technical Talk

This month we are continuing our adventure of optimizing the Nginx web server. By implementing the PageSpeed module in Nginx, we’ve reduced the payload size from server to the visitor and also improved the rendering time of the page.

Our blog post gets into the details of downloading the source, compiling the module, configuring Nginx to access it and finally some configuration tips on PageSpeed itself.

Upcoming Industry Events
  • Association of International Educators Administrators (AIEA) - Feb 16-19, Washington, DC
  • MarketingSherpa Email Summit - February 17-20, Las Vegas, NV
  • Study Mississippi - Feb 20-21 in Jackson, MS
  • Florida Association of International Educators (FAIE) - February 24-25, Winter Park, Florida
  • WETM/ IAPA Conference - March 16-19, London, UK
  • Pubcon - March 17-20, New Orleans, LA
  • Leadscon - March 25-26th, Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact us and schedule an appointment if you are attending any of these events, as we would love to see you.


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