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Tuesday May 13th, 2014 - Issue #32
International Education News - NAFSA Special

Welcome to the Envisage International Newsletter, NAFSA special edition. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you later this month in San Diego, where we’ll have two booths, five people and dozens of meetings! Below we’ve detailed what we’ll be doing at each of the booths (Envisage International #1440, International Student Insurance #1442), and if any of it looks of interest to you, please come by and say hello.

There’s always a lot of build-up to the NAFSA Conference, as it’s the biggest in our industry, with lots of advice and thoughts on how to make the most of it. We saw the official advice from NAFSA - bring a first aid kit, drink water, and wear comfortable shoes! So just to dispel any idea that NAFSA is a reality survival show, instead of an actual conference where you typically stay in real hotels, we thought we would add our own list of tips. Enjoy!

Keith Clausen,
for The Envisage International Team

NAFSA Insider Tips
9 Insider Tips to Survive and Thrive at NAFSA

1. Find the Caffeine – As great as it is to be surrounded by more than 8,400 people with similar interests - this gives you 8,399 reasons to know how to get coffee - and to get it fast. We all know that Starbucks market share goes up during the NAFSA conference, so plan your strategy well in advance so that you cut the mile-long line at Starbucks. Throw a few of your food per diem bucks towards housekeeping and ask them to stock up the in room coffee. Or simply travel with a week’s supply of 5 Hour Energy.

2. Show Your NAFSA Creds – Are you looking to network? Do you want to make the most of your NAFSA experience? Then it’s important to 1) always bring your badge with you (yes, we condone sleeping with it in case last night’s festivities make things a bit more difficult in the morning) and 2) carry the NAFSA bag around with you every place you go. This will make sure everyone knows you are a NAFSAn, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of conversation everywhere you go (and we mean everywhere, elevators, bathrooms, you name it).

3. Pack Your Airplane Pillow – Let’s be honest, between the sessions, dinners, meetings, exhibit hall, not to mention the Brazilian and Turkish Party, the only good sleep you may get over the course of the week is on your flight. Pack your airplane pillow, sun glasses, and get comfy – this might be the last bits of sleep until your return flight home.

4. Make Some Friends – NAFSA has an uncanny way of bringing people together from all around the world, so take advantage. Who needs Epcot when you have the NAFSA exhibit hall? Learn some commonly used phrases in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Portuguese – you’ll be ready to travel the world from San Diego in no time. Eesay ouyay inay Ansay Iegoday

5. Plan for Conversation Lulls - While this may seem difficult, try to save yourself some uncomfortable silence by being proactive and planning your icebreakers now. We suggest ooing and ahhing the badge flare, and asking about each sticker and flag. By the end of the first day you will be an expert on the rainbow of badge stickers. “Oh, I don’t want to talk to you, you have a yellow flag. I’d rather talk to the tall guy with the purple sticker.”

6. Lower Your Internet Expectations – Did you think wireless internet would be easy in the 21st century or your cell phone would magically work like it does everywhere else? Did you think there would really be internet to keep up with your emails and get anything outside of NAFSA accomplished? Wake up! And envision yourself on a remote, exotic island, away from technology when this happens, and you’ll be fine. The internet will work better on that island than in the exhibit hall.

7. Stock up on the Swag – It’s like going to a carnival and winning all the prizes without even having to throw a ball. It’s amazing how fun it can be to collect free trinkets from all of the vendors. I mean, who thought a yo-yo, a globe, a bag, some candy and unlimited pens and pencils can be so handy (yes, pun intended!)? Who needs to buy a souvenir? But let’s be honest, what we’re really after is the holy grail of swag. Get ready, get set, and let the scavenger hunt begin – you may just score that amazing iPad.

8. Embrace The Smile Effect – You will meet and talk to hundreds of people throughout the conference. Day and night, and into the morning’s wee hours (we’ll leave the why to you!). You will start to realize that over the course of the week your cheeks become sore, thanks in part to all that smiling and chatting. Learn some cheek stretches, and prepare yourself. It is never too early to start. Quick give me 10 “ Unique New York’s” out loud in a row.

9. Cute is for rookies! – It’s the last day of the conference, and you see some people hobbling in the street, some sleeping in hallways. You notice others limping barefoot, with bandages hanging from each toe, like they had run a marathon barefoot. At this point, you know they are a NAFSA-n. You can tell the veterans, the ones that have been to Vancouver, St. Louis, Kansas City and countless other conferences. They no longer care about “cute” or “fashionable” they only care about comfort. You’ll see them. I promise. Just look for the ones with the ugly shoes. You won’t see any first timer ribbons on their badges.

By Sutherland Beever
International Student Insurance - Booth #1442

International Student Insurance will be at NAFSA booth #1442 where Annemarie Estrada and Jennifer Frankel will be available to:

  • Answer your questions on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on your students and scholars
  • Give you information on our orientation video that introduces your students to the US healthcare system
  • Take your order for insurance materials to display at your school
  • Discuss both group and individual health insurance options for students, faculty, and scholars

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with us, contact Annemarie or Jenny to let us know what day and time works best for you. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Envisage International News
Envisage International Corporation - Booth #1440

Envisage International is in booth #1440, next door to International Student Insurance. This year you can stop by and visit with Keith Clausen, Don Sears and Victoria Troupe where we will be available to chat about:

  • Which new package is the best fit for your marketing needs and budget
  • What content can and should be included on a Featured School profile
  • The advantages of having your profile in multiple languages
  • How to manage your school’s free profile in
If you would like to lock in an appointment time, contact either Don or Victoria and we will be happy to block out some time for you.

Envisage International News
Welcome Aboard

In February we announced our latest pricing and packaging on We have had tremendous response to the new packages. Here are a few of our newest partners that have taken advantage of the new offerings.

Upcoming Industry Events
  • NAFSA - May 26-30th, San Diego, CA.
  • OACAC - July 8- 10th, Tampa, FL

Contact us and schedule an appointment if you are attending any of these events, as we would love to see you.

Envisage International Partner Logos
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