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Content is king, according to the only internet maxim to stand the test of two decades. Our sites have endured because we continue to build quality content. But internet years are like dog years - changes come so fast and furious, that only one short year later it seems we’ve seen seven new iterations of what is trending online. Tastes change and evolve very quickly, particularly with students. When looking for information online, students are now just as likely to watch a video than to read lengthy articles about a topic.

Over the past year we decided to address this trend directly by beginning in earnest to develop quality video resources for students. The only thing we can be sure of is that quality matters, so we have invested heavily in making our video resources as good as they can be. Whether professionally produced, our in-house whiteboard series, or live Google hangouts, we are committed to making our videos as good or better than our written content.

This month, we preview a few examples of the types of video resources we’ve been building for your students.

Keith Clausen,
for the Envisage International Team

U.S. Healthcare System Video

Our overview of the US healthcare system video has helped many students to understand the core concepts of the medical system in the USA. The medium of video is an excellent tool as it allows you to convey more complex ideas in a relatively simple manner - and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Primarily it focuses on things to do before you leave home, and how to seek care appropriately in the US.

The video is available to play at international student orientations, embed in your school site or blog, or otherwise share with students. At the request of several schools, we have now made this 6-minute video available with subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and English - and we’ve already had requests to add Japanese, Korean, French and Russian, which we plan to do.

We have also been developing individual product videos, to help students understand the core details of our main insurance products. Much shorter in length, typically around 1 minute, they are short animated overviews to help students work out what plan is right for them. You can view them on our product pages for our products on Student Health, Travel Medical, Major Medical and a company overview on our homepage.

Financial Aid
International Student Loan New Resources

International Student Loan has been working hard to bring your students financial aid help in a fun and interactive way. Every month we have a live Google Hangout where your students can learn about budgeting, loans, and financial aid, and ask any questions they have to our Financial Aid representatives.

To further help your students, every month we have a new Financial Aid Whiteboard series that details important budgeting and financing information within a few minutes. Check out our latest whiteboard on how international students can build credit: How Students Can Build Credit

You can also see our most recent Google Hangout that went live on-air this month. Students were able to learn about key student loan terms, ask questions, and get their answers right away!

Turning Inquiries Into Real College Enrollments

Generating student inquiries is what we do best for our Featured School partners on InternationalStudent.com. But the partnerships that work best involve those schools that have a comprehensive and efficient process to properly qualify and pursue those inquiries once received.

The first in our series of whiteboard resource videos about international student recruitment tells the success story of Felician College, a small Catholic school in New Jersey. The short 5 minute video describes how Felician turns inquiries into real college enrollments on their campus despite their limited resources, proving the importance of a targeted online presence and a solid communications plan. Watch the video now to see how they do it.

International Student
InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest

Although it’s a little early yet, we can’t devote an entire newsletter to video resources without mentioning the InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest. Now in its 9th year, the contest has grown exponentially, with over a hundred entries last year from all over the world. Open to everyone, students submit a video of up to 5 minutes in length, describing any trip they would like to take (if they are already studying outside of their home country), or describing their proposed study abroad (for all others). Hefty cash prizes and a lifetime of glory for the winners - last year’s first prize winner took home $4,000.

The contest will officially open on September 1st and all entries must be received by the deadline of Wednesday, October 22. Finalists will be announced the following week, with winners announced during International Education Week (November 17-21, 2014). We will remind you to share this fun contest with your students and arm you with everything you need to do so, as we get closer to launch.

Technical Talk
Creating Video Content

We knew that the technical quality of our videos was absolutely critical to creating content that was helpful and watchable for international students. No one wants to watch a poorly-lit video, or try to get insight from a video with questionable audio quality. We needed the best film quality, the best lighting and the best lighting, all to make sure that the actual message of the video comes through without distraction. And we needed to do it on a budget!

In this blog post, we go through all of the technical details involved in getting us up and running at high speed on video production, right in our own offices. From cameras, to mics, to lighting and software - even the layout of the studio (a converted office) - this blog will give you all of the nuts and bolts.

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