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International Education News

It’s back to school time! On campuses everywhere its all hustle and bustle as new students arrive, orientations are in full swing and the new semester begins. For those schools with a later start, it’s the calm before the storm, but the storm is clearly in view. This month we highlight resources that we hope can help school personnel and students as they prepare for a new year of learning, starting with the more serious stuff but ending with a list of the best new tech gadgets for the 2014-2015 school year.

Have a great semester!

Keith Clausen,
for the Envisage International Team

U.S. Healthcare System Video

International Student Health Insurance Overview The International Student Insurance video overview of the US healthcare system is an excellent resource to introduce international students to the US healthcare system. Schools around the country are using this video in their orientations and on their websites as a way to explain important issues like why you need insurance and how to access healthcare appropriately in an easy-to-understand format.

We are pleased to announce that the video is now available in more languages - our full language lineup is Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. Six minutes spent watching this video - sub-titled in your native language - is a great leap forward for many students in understanding how to navigate their own healthcare and insurance. If you are interested in using the video for orientation or making it available to your students, please Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Financial Aid
International Student Loan New Resources

Do you have students struggling to cover their expenses? If your students are coming up short as they do their back to school budget, there are both international and study abroad loans available. For international students, a US co-signer is required..

International Student Loan has a loan comparison tool that allows students to find loans based on their citizenship and school. They will then be matched with a list of lenders so that they can compare terms and conditions - lenders that will make loans to international students at their campus.

Students can borrow up to the total cost of their education minus any financial aid they’ve received. The process is fairly quick - students still have time to apply and receive their funds before the new semester. And if you or your students have any loan or funding questions, please feel free to contact us for help.

Turning Inquiries Into Real College Enrollments

We have created a video series to help international students as they arrive in the US for the new school year. In this series, we give students tips on what they need to do - and what NOT to do - both before and after they arrive.

5 Things International Students Need To Do
5 Things International Students Need To Do
5 Things You Don't Want To Do As An International Student
5 Things You Don't Want To Do As An International Student

These videos are part of our commitment to providing engaging content to students that helps them successfully prepare to study in the US. These and other videos can be seen by visiting our growing video section on

Technical Talk
Back-To-School Tech

Here is a mix of fun and serious tech gadgets to help you ease into the 2014 school year. Explore the world of virtual reality on a low budget, take your music on the road with you, rent your textbooks in eBook format and carry only a small tablet instead of heavy textbooks. These are just some of the tips in our Back to School Tech 2014 blog article.

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