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September 2014 • ISSUE #36
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International Education News

The school year is in full swing, signalling an annual shift in activity here in our office. First we prepare for the InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest, which takes a lot of work but is always a blast. This year there’s something in it for the school as well - a free featured school profile to the US host institution of our winner! More details are available below.

We also scramble to put together our fall conference travel season. This year, we are attending 17 conferences in about two months - you can see the full list at the bottom. We’ll be presenting sessions at many of them, so we’re working on all of those presentations with our awesome co-presenters from schools around the country - we’ll share our full session schedule next month.

Have a great month everyone!

Keith Clausen
for the Envisage International Team

Travel Video Contest

It’s that time of year again, time for the launch of our annual InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest! With a Grand Prize of $4,000, we hope all of your students are aware of this fun and engaging contest. Each year we get a tremendous crop of videos, all telling compelling stories about international education. This year there’s added incentive for you to make sure your international students are ready for the contest. In addition to the winner taking home the Grand Prize, the winner’s host institution will win a free year-long Featured School profile on InternationalStudent.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Videos and entry forms are due by October 22, 2014 and the rules are pretty simple - students must submit a video no longer than five minutes, together with an entry form, that tells about their proposed study abroad. If they are already an international student, their video can be about any trip they would like to take. The Contest pages provide all of the details on rules and submissions, as well as tips for contestants and examples of winning videos from previous years. Good luck to your students and to your school!

The Hard Reality of Budgeting

Budgeting for any student is difficult, let alone international students who face different currencies, a new home, language barriers, and so much more. The sooner your students learn how to budget, the easier their transition and the more likely they will be to succeed. In our most recent blog, Helping International Students Budget for College, we discuss the challenges faced by international students and how you as an advisor in international higher ed can help them. Read more >>

Google Hangouts for Schools

Google Hangouts can be a very effective way to reach and communicate with prospective international students and a great way for students to see if your institution is a fit for their interests and educational needs. That is why we have created our latest offering and add-on: Google Hangouts for Schools. For an example, see our State University of New York at Brockport Hangout.

Our Turn-key Google Hangout is the latest in our suite of online marketing products designed to give you a vehicle where you have the opportunity to connect with international students live on-air, engage them and answer their questions directly, all in a virtual environment powered by Google. Your school will gain exposure leading up to the event, during the event and long after the event is over, as your Hangout will be permanently embedded on your school’s Featured Profile and promoted on YouTube. Your event will be marketed through our newsletter, social media, email marketing and banner advertisements.

The best part is that we do all the prep work! All you need to do is show up, talk about what your school offers and answer questions. We handle all the marketing, setting up the event, driving attendance, technical support and generating the leads. We will even provide you with the computer, microphone and headsets.

Contact us for more information about how we can host a Google Hangout for your school.

Tech Talk

One of the more interesting challenges facing the Envisage tech team this year was creating a turn-key package for hosting Google Hangouts On Air with our client schools and multiple presenters. From a hardware perspective, we needed something easy to use, inexpensive, robust, and easy to ship to our clients. After evaluating several different options we decided on a Chromebook computer, a USB microphone and earbud headsets. Keeping it simple was the main goal; we wanted the international advisor to be able to connect to their school’s wireless network, plug in the mic and be ready to broadcast. Then we needed to create a streamlined process to get remote presenters up and running with minimal angst.

Read our tech blog to learn exactly how we geared up for the turn-key remote Google Hangouts.

Upcoming Conferences

  • NACAC, Indianapolis, IN - 9/17
  • WYSTC, Dublin, Ireland - 9/23
  • FCIE, Orlando, FL - 9/25
  • CONAHEC, Tucson, AZ - 10/8
  • CSIET, Milwaukee, WI -10/15
  • NAFSA Region II, Tucson, AZ - 10/14
  • NAFSA Region VII, Jackson, MI - 10/26
  • NAFSA Region IV, St. Paul, MN - 10/27
  • NAFSA Region X/XI, Albany, NY - 10/27
  • NAFSA Region V, Grand Rapids, MI - 10/29
  • Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange, Washington, DC - 10/30
  • ICEF Berlin, Berlin, Germany - 11/2
  • NAFSA Region I/XII, Portland, OR - 11/2
  • NAFSA Region III, Fort Worth, TX - 11/3
  • NAFSA Region VIII, Williamsburg, VA - 11/4
  • ISEP, Arlington, VA - 11/12
  • ICEF Miami, Miami, FL - 12/8

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