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Issue #49 - October 2015
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NAFSA Special Edition Newsletter
We hope to see you out on the road this fall! This year, the team will be presenting at ten NAFSA Regionals on the difficult but important topic of mental health awareness for international students, and we have a fantastic group of co-presenters to bring the topic to life. With alarming numbers of students coping with depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health problems, it’s more important than ever that we spread awareness and guidance.

Also, the Envisage team will be presenting at seven regional conferences on turning student inquiries into enrollments. Many schools are overwhelmed with the number of inquiries they receive from interested students, and aren’t sure exactly what to do with them. Our panelists will share some ideas to help you put a lead nurturing and efficient communication plan into practice.

“Improving Mental Health Awareness Among International Students”
This session will focus on common barriers that prevent international students from seeking mental health help, and what we can do to help provide support and resources.

Region I

October 21st, 2:45pm

Region II

October 21st, 9:00am

Region III

October 22nd, 10:15am

Region V

Date and Time TBD

Region VI

November 2nd, 1:30pm

Region VII

October 27th, 1:45pm

Region VIII

November 12th, 8:30am

Region X

October 27th, 10:15am

Region XI

October 21st, 8:15am

Region XII

October 28th, 12:05pm

For a preview of the general content of the session, watch Mental Health Awareness for International Students, a 5 minute video from ISI.

“Lead Nurturing - Turning Inquiries into Enrollments”
This session will provide strategies on how to turn prospective students into enrollees. We will discuss lead nurturing throughout the admissions funnel, including how to develop an effective communication and marketing plan.

Region I

October 22nd, 10:00am

Region II

October 22nd, 10:45am

Region III*

October 21st, 2:45pm

Region IV

October 29th, 2:15pm

Region VII*

October 27th, 10:15am

Region VIII

November 12th, 12:00pm

Region X

October 28th, 8:30am

*This session will focus more on strategies for lead nurturing with limited resources.

For-Profits Turn to International Students to Boost Falling Profits

With a high level of government oversight, dropping student enrollments, school closures and downsizing, the for-profit industry is taking a revenue hit. This is why many for-profit schools are looking to diversify and set up shop outside the US. As an example, the Wall Street Journal reported, “DeVry has cut costs, including workforce reductions and shedding some of its locations. DeVry also has been expanding its international presence, most recently with several acquisitions in Brazil.” DeVry’s additional expansion into Europe, Asia and the Caribbean has meant that while their overall revenue is down, their international revenue is up over 15%.


Travel Video Contest Deadline: October 22nd

The InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest is in full swing as we near the deadline of October 22nd. Hopefully you’ve already spread the news on your campus, and let students know that the deadline is quickly approaching. On October 28th, we will open up voting for the Viewer’s Choice Award where you and your students can choose who you think should win!

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Conferences & Events

  • All NAFSA Regionals - Oct - Nov
  • Alliance of International Educational and Cultural Exchange - Oct 20-21, Washington, D.C.
  • CSIET - Oct 21-24, Alexandria, VA
  • ICEF - Oct 20-21, Berlin
  • ICEF - Oct 21-24, Miami, FL
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