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Issue #57 - June 2016
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We kicked off the NAFSA week with our Red Carpet Reception, and it did not disappoint! Thank you to all those who were able to attend and start the NAFSA week in style. The Crimson Room was a tremendous location, so it will be tough to improve on in Los Angeles - but we will try. Check out the photos from the evening and feel free to tag your friends.

It wasn’t all about fun, though. We chaired a session on mental health and had over 80 pre-scheduled meetings, plus a ton of traffic to our two booths, so as expected it was an exhausting but exhilarating week. It’s good to be home!

Enjoy the newsletter!
Keith Clausen, President
For the Envisage International Team


Our International Student Insurance booth was packed with appointments and a steady stream of traffic, making it one of the best NAFSA conferences to date!

Our Mental Health Awareness presentation had a terrific panel and was one of the best attended sessions of the conference, showing how engaged international education professionals are on this issue. If you would like to view or download the slide deck, it can be found on our school resources page and also please take a look at our Mental Health Awareness video.

We also have some exciting news coming up - hot on the heels of our US Healthcare System and Mental Health Awareness videos, we have the next video nearly ready for launch. Stay tuned!


We enjoyed meeting everyone - both future and current partners alike - at our Envisage International booth and appreciate everyone who came by. We enjoyed hearing your success stories and hearing first hand how our marketing programs have helped you deliver a great return on investment.  

With a new budget cycle approaching, we are also happy to announce that we will be extending our NAFSA special.  If you sign up before July 1, 2016, we will give you $500 off our Outbound, SEO or Platinum Packages.  Or, sign up for our Featured Package with any add-on and receive $500 off as well.  Sign up today!  It only takes two minutes to get started and we will hold the invoice until the next fiscal year.

ACA Plans, What's Next?

As you would suspect, the Affordable Care Act still comes up as a topic of conversation for many people when talking about insurance coverage for international students. Although there is very clear guidance that international students are exempt for their first 5 calendar years in the US, some schools still require ACA compliant plans for their international students. Many carriers, however, have stopped offering ACA plans altogether or have removed dependent coverage, leaving schools to figure out the best approach.

So what is the future for ACA plans? In one of our latest blogs, we take a look at what the market trends are doing and give our input on where we see ACA plans heading over the course of the next couple of years.

ACA Plans, What Next Blog Post>>

Death of Mobile Apps vs. Responsible Sites

As the number of smartphones, tablets, and internet accessible electronics continues to grow, the need to create dedicated mobile apps is starting to wane as responsive site design starts to makes sense for more and more companies.  

Do you write apps for the both the iOS and Android devices?  What about Windows Phone or Blackberry? Do you have the resources in-house to develop, test and deploy them into multiple app stores?  What about maintenance releases and bug fixes?  Chances are, you've already built a responsive website. If you haven't, you will soon or you'll watch your traffic decrease steadily as the search engines direct traffic to most mobile-friendly sites.

Read our latest “Tech Tips” blog post for tips on evaluating if you should be investing in a mobile app or building a responsive website.

Read Our Blog >>

Conferences & Events

  • OACAC - July 11 - 14, 2016, New Brunswick, NJ
  • WYSTC - Sept 20 - 23, 2016, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Alliance - Oct 19-20, 2016

  • NAFSA Regionals - TBD
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