Our 2017 Predictions and Upcoming Conferences
Envisage International:
Issue #64 - January 2017
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Our 2017 Predictions

2017 is finally here, Happy New Year! In keeping with tradition, our January newsletter is devoted solely to predictions for the coming year in the world of international higher ed, student insurance, and internet marketing - all the things we spend time thinking about. Visit the December 2016 newsletter to see how last year’s predictions played out.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter, and all the best in 2017.

Keith Clausen
for the Envisage International Team

ACA Is Here To Stay (in substance, at least)

With the relentless drumbeat from President-Elect Trump to repeal the Affordable Care Act throughout our election season, and the newly-formed Republican-controlled Congress already putting in place a plan to repeal the ACA, it could seem... Read more >>>

For-Profit School’s Revenue and Enrollment will Continue to Decline in 2017

Things are looking up for the embattled for-profit education sector. According to Senator John McCain: “Undoing the Obama Administration's eight-year war on for profit colleges through onerous rule making and regulatory actions should be... Read more >>>

No Drastic Changes in Store for the J1 Visa Program

Rhetoric during the Presidential campaign certainly did not show much support for J1 programs, and in some cases even targeted them. While there is discontent and uneasiness from many corners of the cultural exchange world stemming from... Read more >>>

Canada Benefits at the Expense of the US

For economic and political reasons, Canada will continue to grow its international student population rapidly, while growth in the US will stagnate, as students from China, India and other countries choose Canada over the US... Read more >>>

Facebook Live Will Gain Popularity Among Educational Institutions and Businesses

We all know that video marketing is huge. However, we also know there’s a lot of work around creating a video and making sure it gets out into the world for people to see. Facebook Live allows you to incorporate videos into your marketing plan without... Read more >>>

ESL Programs Increase Marketing and Recruiting Dramatically

2016 was not kind to the English as a second language market in the US. In a fall 2016 flash survey conducted by EnglishUSA, approximately 75% of those surveyed saw... Read more >>>

Despite Efforts, Fake News Will Still be Widespread on Facebook

Coming across spam and clickbait articles disguised as news on Facebook has become a normal occurrence for users. However, since sixty-six percent of Facebook users get news on site, this normality has recently become a pressing issue... Read more >>>

Study Abroad Growth Continues to Slow, More Students Studying in Latin America and Asia

Study abroad grew only 2.9% last year, and we think that growth will be even slower this year and that the destination make up will change. With terrorist attacks in Europe and the Middle East, Brexit in the UK, Western Europe elections shifting... Read more >>>

The Rise of Software Containers

Containerization software has been around for some time, but 2017 will be the year it becomes a standard tool in a software developer's toolbox. With containerization, the idea is to... Read more >>>

Internet of Things (IoT) Will Become Mainstream

2017 will mark the real start of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. From something as simple as turning your living room lights on and off to controlling the traffic patterns of an entire city, the age of connected devices is here... Read more >>>

Upcoming Conferences

  • January 19-20: EnglishUSA, Monterey, CA
  • February 2-4: SunshinePHP, Miami, FL
  • February 23-24: FAIE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • March 20-22: LeadsCon, Las Vegas, NV
  • March 25-27: WETM/IAPA, Munich, Germany
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