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Issue #77 - February 2018
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International Education News

In three short weeks, eight volunteers from Envisage International will meet up with their counterparts from Flywire and IvyWise in Quiche, Guatemala, a region steeped in Mayan culture, to build a school and playground for a small rural community. School the World is the amazing non-profit that leads this work, an organization that does so much with so little, and we’re proud to be part of their first-ever corporate service trip. There’s a lot going on here at Envisage but these eight intrepid volunteers have our full attention as they push through the final travel planning, fund-raising and gift-buying for their trip, so long in the making. Read below to learn more and to follow their progress in the tiny community of Choacaman Patzalam, Guatemala.

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

Group Health Insurance in the New Year

In addition to our always popular individual insurance plans, International Student Insurance offers customized group health and travel insurance for a school’s entire international student population. With group plans it’s easier to include higher level benefits on important items like pre-existing conditions, maternity, sports and mental health. You also have access to our market-leading online enrollment and management system, which takes a lot of the inefficiency out of managing the insurance coverage for your students. With a dedicated account representative and our service-first mentality, you’ll never be left without support or without answers.

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We're Building a School in Guatemala

We’re excited to announce that on March 4th we’re heading to Guatemala for one week to support the efforts of School the World (STW), an organization founded on the belief that empowerment begins with education. Their goal is to provide access to quality education to those living in the rural villages of Central America and though we’re building a school and playground, the commitment doesn’t end there. School the World makes a minimum five year commitment to each community to train teachers, train and empower parents, provide supplies and monitor progress. Only after a community has become self-sufficient in its primary education does School the World consider the job done.

We have teamed up with IvyWise and Flywire, two companies that also have a commitment to international education, for a total of 21 volunteers, including an eight-member team representing Envisage International. Each volunteer has committed to fund-raising half of the cost of their participation, with the companies contributing the other half plus the necessary fixed amount to cover the hard costs of school construction. Since 2009 STW has built 53 schools and 30 playgrounds, trained more than 255 teachers and enrolled nearly 6,400 students in Honduras and Guatemala combined. Their popular student service trip, where high school groups travel to Guatemala to build a school, offered a blueprint for this first-ever corporate trip.

Get more details on the EIC School the World journey including who is going, where to donate and how to stay updated on this initiative.

Read More on our Journey to Guatemala >>

Announcing our New Tax Form 8843 Online Wizard

With the upcoming tax season right around the corner, International Student has just launched a new Form 8843 online wizard. Designed to be easy to use, the Form 8843 online wizard is free for students, and allows them to enter their details into the form which then pre-populates into the actual IRS Form 8843 which can then be downloaded and sent to the IRS for processing.  Of course, we don’t hold any of the student’s information, it’s populated onto the form and then immediately thrown away, so privacy is maintained throughout the process.

All international students (and their dependents) have to file Form 8843 every year, this great new resource will make the process easier for your students!

Visit the InternationalStudent.com Tax Section >>

The Impact of Betsy DeVos on the For-Profit Education Sector

If Betsy DeVos and her team of former for-profit executives and attorneys get their way, students defrauded by schools like Corinthian or ITT Tech might not see the debt relief they expected. The US Department of Education is exploring the options on how to best handle relieving the students’ debt. One option is that instead of wiping out all debt that students incurred at these schools, they would look at the income vs. the degree earned to determine how much debt would be forgiven.  

Betsy Devos claims that she wants to protect the students but also wants to protect the taxpayer from deceptive students. "No fraud is acceptable, and students deserve relief if the school they attended acted dishonestly," DeVos said in a statement. "This improved process will allow claims to be adjudicated quickly and harmed students to be treated fairly. It also protects taxpayers from being forced to shoulder massive costs that may be unjustified."

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