NAFSA Regionals Edition - In This Issue: International Student Insurance and head to regional NAFSA conferences and we wrap up our Travel Video Contest
Issue #85 - October 2018
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With students all settled in, we turn our attention to NAFSA Regional Conferences. Our team is busy working on their presentations, talking with co-presenters, practicing and tweaking to make their sessions as useful as possible. The ISI team will be presenting on Emotional and Mental Wellness for International Students, and rolling out our new, free training on the topic along the way. The team will be presenting on an issue that continues to confound many schools - what to do with all of these inquiries from international students around the world? Hopefully you’ll have a chance to attend a NAFSA Regional Conference and get some benefit from all the hard work happening now.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the road!

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

International Student Regional Sessions

Our team is heading out to present and exhibit at 10 of the NAFSA regional conferences. Our presentation will explore the topic of email communications and how to use email to leverage your conversation with potential students.

Developing an Email Communications Plan to Recruit International Students

In this session we will discuss ways to develop and implement a comprehensive email communication plan for lead nurturing. We will dive into identifying and setting goals, establishing an email series, and best practices to turn a lead into an applicant and beyond. You will hear from, a company that sends over 8M emails each year as well as other international educators who are in the trenches using email to recruit international students.

Presented by:

Stop by our booth or join our session so we can connect this conference season!

International Student Insurance Regional Sessions

If marketing and recruiting tools aren’t quite your cup of tea, our International Student Insurance team will also be presenting and exhibiting at 10 NAFSA regional conferences this season! These presentations will cover emotional and mental health, and provide resources to educators to train their international students on the topic of culture shock and stress management. This session is in conjunction with the launch of our new mental health awareness training program in collaboration with the MGH Center for Cross-Cultural Student Emotional Wellness. Along with gaining more knowledge on this topic, you can obtain a training program by attending our session at one of the following NAFSA regionals:

Training International Students on Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Awareness

Presented by:

International Student Mental Health Lightning Round: Approaches to Understand Needs and Support with Training and Response

Presented by:

Effective Strategies to Train Your International Students on Mental Health

Presented by:
Stop by our booth or join our session so we can connect this conference season!

Travel Video Contest Update: Deadline Today

The Travel Video Contest is still open- but only until 11:59pm EST tonight! If your international or study abroad students have been working diligently on creating a video to enter into our contest, please remind them of the deadline. Each video should be four minutes or less in length and must include where the student wants to study. Students who are already studying outside their home country should include information on a trip they would like to take.

Finalists will be named the week of November 7th, and the winners will be announced on the last day of International Education Week: November 16th. Stay up to date on the Travel Video Contest to see if one of your students is our 2018 winner!

Contest Details

Conferences & Events

  • ICEF, October 10 - 12, Beijing, China
  • ZendCon, October 15 - 17, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • NAFSA Regionals
    • Region IV, October 15-18, Duluth, MN
    • Region XII, October 15-19, Reno, NV
    • Region V, October 17-19, Shaumburg, IL
    • Region XI, October 23-25, Portland, ME
    • Region II, October 24-25, Lincoln, NE
    • Region III, October 28-31, Little Rock, AR
    • Region X, October 29-31, Buffalo, NY
    • Region VI, November 4-6, Columbus, OH
    • Region VIII, November 6-9, Richmond, VA
    • Region VII, November 11-14, Memphis, TN
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