Our 2018 International Education Predictions Revisited
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Issue #87 - December 2018
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2018 Predictions and Outcomes

This month we get to revisit all of the bold and not so bold predictions that we made back in January. It’s fun to get back into our beginning of year mindset for a while, and see how trends have played out in the areas we know best - international education marketing, insurance and technology. Some predictions are easy to evaluate, others are tougher to get a complete handle on, but we’ve done our best. Enjoy!

We hope you have a great holiday season.

Keith Clausen, President
for the Envisage International Team

Prediction: End of the Mandate Pushes Schools Away From ACA for International Students

Our own experience and anecdotal evidence confirm this trend, but without hard data we’ll take it as a half a win. In our prediction we highlighted how the ACA survived the repeal... Read more >>>

Prediction: Open Doors Report Shows New High, Followed by Steep Drop-Off

Not surprisingly, we got this one right. The most recent Open Doors Report from IIE shows that the total number of international students in the US increased... Read more >>>

Prediction: Continued Turmoil and Adaptation Within The For-Profit Sector

This one is a solid yes, as 2018 was quite a tumultuous year in the for-profit sector. Just last week we received the news that Education Corporation of America... Read more >>>

Prediction: Canada and Australia Continue to Erode the US International Student Market Share

We admit it, this prediction was a gimmie. We have all seen the recent Open Doors data that paints the picture of the 2017-2018 school year and have felt... Read more >>>

Prediction: J-1 Visa Programs will Continue to Weather the Storm

We’re giving ourselves a win on this one. The J1 visa programs have continued to weather the storm, but whereas 2017 could be defined as a hurricane... Read more >>>

Prediction: International US High School Enrollments will Continue to Thrive

We'll have to accept a half-win on this one, since we don't have hard data. A report released in August 2017 from the Institute of International Education (IIE) found a “strong increase” in... Read more >>>

Prediction: Universities Increase Focus on Smartphone Addiction and its Impact on the Mental Health of Students

After our International Student Insurance (ISI) team presented on mental health awareness at ten of the eleven NAFSA regionals, it was clear that the focus... Read more >>>

Prediction: Touchless Interfaces Make a Big Leap Forward

Touchless Interfaces have made a major leap forward. In a single year, it has evolved from a neat feature on a smartphone into a technology that has integrated seamlessly with our... Read more >>>

Prediction: More Schools Start to Use Mobile Messaging Apps

We’re so close on this one. The chatter around using mobile messaging within recruitment is there, and some schools are already using it to keep in touch... Read more >>>

Prediction: Arificial Intelligence Will Be Huge

In 2018 we saw Google make profound strides in Artificial Intelligence technology; most notably, the jaw-dropping conversation between Google’s Assistant... Read more >>>

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